Rapid pull flow and make money experience summary

      tourism webmaster Association: rapid pull flow and make money experience summary

      1 home page, choose the theme, be sure to do their own familiar

      how to choose the theme? Is not the most popular is the best? Baidu Fengyun list, popular search Top10 /> 
      look at the top of the flow is not drooling it? (

      Firefox, Vista such a popular term, has a master in the store, the competition is fierce. The general level of the webmaster should not intervene. So what can we do? Be sure to find what you like, what you like, what you know, what you do, so that you can easily get the first, produce the better value,

      such as kindness bandits once did above www.sotuan.com in tourism products, understand some basic knowledge of electronic commerce, so we made a tourist information station, the site does not necessarily do so beautiful, the contents are not very much, also not necessarily can immediately profitable, but I at least some tourist sites in the basic flow, know some tourism webmaster. I do have a small number of loyal readers. After his lecture, parties, Lara sponsorship, you can start to make a small fortune.

      2 do stand must have their own original things

      collection and replication will never be able to achieve the brand, there will never be a high degree of sustained access, Baidu will think you are a waste place. Can be abandoned at any time. There are several friends in the process of collecting a large number of stations in the E, even Ctrip, travel search group, this station has collected over the entire station, traffic began rushing, before two months, began to drop right, K station, without the support of the search engine, but to close the station. This kind of site is dependent on search engines and alive, will not have the visitor loyalty.

      3 adhere to update every day, open up the information sector

      each column is updated, it is very time-consuming, very tiring, you can spend half an hour every day to update more than 10 news, Sina News, Baidu is very good, the amount is large enough. Your update is very diligent, spiders also come more often,

      company do >

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