Seven problems that must be considered before starting the nternet

with the development of economy, more and more people with entrepreneurial dream, some technology entrepreneurs in a very avant-garde, very creative ider, that their distance is near success, but the fact that the idea of absolute error, because in the industry hit the road later, you will soon realize that technology entrepreneurs should not only have a very good idea, but also seriously consider how to implement this idea, the idea that this play value, especially the first attempt to business people, will be the start of new ideas and the cause of blind eyes, then become dizzy with success, neglect may encounter various problems of entrepreneurship the factors need to be considered before the start.

1, choose what industry?

The choice of

industry plays a very important role in the success or failure of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must choose the sunrise industry, rather than the sunset industry. Tianjin construction site – the rate of science and technology on the basis of the current situation of social development, Chinese income rise in middle-class consumption upgrade, some high-tech emerging industry, finance, education, beauty as the representative of the service industry is relatively good market at present in all industries of the industry and the traditional industry development gradually decreased is not a good choice.

2, what is the customer’s needs?

mentioned here refers to the needs of customers, only if you can accurately understand your potential customer needs, and according to the requirements of a reasonable plan, will it be possible to make your company’s product or service has been recognized by the user, but most of the time, ready to start the entrepreneurs in did not consider these the situation prior to the establishment of enterprises, because they don’t know that you have no audience, or there is no market demand for his products, so venture doomed to fail in the end.

3, there is no competition, competitors strength?

in the Internet business competition will be our biggest threat, so to entrepreneurs, thinking in the market segments of their choice had to start at the beginning, whether there are competitors, if not the best competitors, however, the probability of this situation is not high, there is a certain competitors will almost every industry, so we need entrepreneurs thinking is the current pattern of competition is how, how the strength of competitors


4, how to start a business failure, entrepreneurs need to bear what kind of risk?

believes that every entrepreneur wants to become a successful person in the business, and hope that their entrepreneurial projects can be successful, but the Internet business data show that not every entrepreneur can realize their entrepreneurial dreams of success, there are a lot of entrepreneurs are doomed to failure in in the Internet, so entrepreneurs in the business before you should know if their business failed to bear the responsibility and what is the risk? The responsibility and the risk is within their tolerance range.

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