Typical reproduce in website promotion

when he heard a "typical" story, think it is a good story, too far away from our life, is not the case in reality. Recently in the management of the universal navigation nets promotion had to "typical".

around August 7th 17:30, fast off, feeling a bit agitated, ready to suspend the link, focusing on the hands of the work has not been processed. At this time the work of QQ891113969 constantly flashing, click on, pop up a message: "website cooperation". To see this information, you know that someone asked to exchange links, add friends. To tell each other, tomorrow to work time to contact, did not expect the other side is very warm, can ask a few minutes delay, give him a chance to cooperate sincerely, and told me: "universal navigation network construction is very good," heart of universal navigation nets, reborn Ruichang Fu; the universal truths hidden, navigation means this story is the best direction! "Notes, I have been concerned about you, thank you for a long time we support, but the universal navigation nets" joke "in the classification of" * * * * "the domain name of the website we have disabled, and enable the new domain name, site name has also been revised, corrected. Please?", the time did not think, just open the joke he just mentioned classification, opening the website, discovery does not open. Then the other said: I attach great importance to cooperation with the universal navigation network opportunities, I hope to correct it, trouble you!". For occupation habits, casually said, you can add the link to us! Promise each other very well, soon said: "well, please check!", see each other how sincere, check the website of the other side, the station does add the http://s.wndhw.com/ domain name, so no the more immediately corrected them.

things should be said here is a perfect ending, it will not cause any doubt. Work, may be prompted by a sudden impulse, want to see a joke walk, conveniently opened just modified into "happy * *" website, found each other website just added the link has gone unconsciously, then to the other side may be in a hurry accidentally deleted, gave to the QQ message (at the time the other QQ online), we require the other party to add links, if you do not add it on tomorrow afternoon work time to delete the other links.

second days in the morning to go to work, found that universal navigation network link is still not added, QQ online, once again to inform each other, I hope to add as soon as possible, because the link is mutual. However, until the afternoon when the work is still no response, according to the usual practice to inform each other through QQ, and then notify the technician to delete the link.

delete a few minutes later, the other QQ again flashing, was that the other was not online, regret not get a response early delete, the open look, all are shameless abuse, the quality.

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