Lei Jun bet the farm nternet giant dishes


in the wave of the Internet, the state of agriculture and the "Internet plus agriculture", "Internet plus circulation" is more and more important, let rural Internet become more and more people compete for the battlefield. The Internet gangster Lei already smell the opportunity to invest in the project, a number of rural and Internet related, and full of confidence in the future development in this field. The dish network as a dark horse, Lei Jun bet, with a unique business model, has received wide attention.

in many Internet investors, Lei Jun as advocates to enter the Internet in rural areas of the main, this year he NPC and CPPCC proposal, put forward to develop the rural Internet, to build a modern rural wisdom proposal. I think the rural Internet is the future direction of 5-10 years, but also in line with our country’s basic national policy, but also a rare opportunity for the times. At this point, I believe, after all, Chinese have so many of the rural population, and the gap between urban and rural areas and so big, in fact the gap between urban and rural areas means entrepreneurial opportunities, investment opportunities, including employment opportunities." Lei Jun from the end of last year, the frequent disclosure for the future development of the Internet in rural areas to participate in the creation of confidence, Lei Jun along for the capital investment finance, electricity and other projects in the rural areas of the internet. However, why Lei Jun of rural Internet with so much confidence in


3G, 4G network, the Internet into rural infrastructure conditions to meet, the popularity of smart mobile phone, the mobile phone of rural intelligent acceptance is deepening, however, because the village is not the Internet devoted a piece of wasteland, if a has the power of the "Internet plus" advance the road is long. So, Lei choose another reason to optimistic about the Internet in rural areas, is the state of rural Internet plus attention. To "Internet plus" approach is one of the most important methods to improve the living standards of farmers of the day before, the general office of the State Council issued a day before the in-depth implementation of the "Internet plus circulation" action plan views, then in April 15th, the executive meeting of the Ministry of agriculture minister Chang Bin presided over by the Han, "" Internet plus "three years of modern agriculture implementation of the programme", no doubt for the rural development of the Internet into a strong heart agent, which is adequate for rural development and development of the Internet to attract many Internet heavyweights.

Lei in rural Internet layout, the dish network is the focus of development Internet plus agriculture, it is a fresh, food is the exact terms of B2B platform, dedicated to avant-garde ideas and advanced technology to subvert the agricultural market Chinese. Through self built warehouse and logistics of the model for small and medium-sized restaurants to purchase high-quality low-priced dishes. Cut off the product circulation of many links, simplify. Users through mobile phone orders, all products are unified by the professional staff to the restaurant, to reduce the time cost and product loss. The fresh ingredients in the moment to leave the land, freshness in the decline with the passage of time. In order to solve this problem, this year, the U.S. Food Network began to accelerate the strategic layout of the source of deep mining. For example, recently, the United States and Shandong Zibo agricultural development company

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