’s acquisition of red child electricity supplier price war of choice of merger and acquisi

the afternoon of September 24th, executive vice president Li Bin suddenly made such a micro-blog: the dust settles, tomorrow is destined to shock electric business industry day, the industry is big, the consumer is a great event, it is important to, then in the temporary suspension of the morning of September 25th, Suning appliance released this afternoon M & a red child news website maternal electricity supplier.

for 8· 15 "after the war increasingly dull the electricity supplier industry,’s acquisition of red child apparently also set off a burst of waves. Is to promote online and offline to dianqihua "Suning acquisition red children, maternal and child products sales apparently can make up for the" short board ", while Suning in platform development, mergers and acquisitions and capital movements in the completion of the annual 20 billion yuan goal is important support.

it is worth noting that, in more than a month in the past, due to the "8· 15" war and caused by the electricity supplier credit crisis, investigation and punishment policy plus the electricity supplier industry large-scale price war never broke out. At the same time, Jingdong, mall and other electricity providers advertising has reduced, several major electricity supplier for the previous focus on the second half of the annual target sprint, the industry obviously decreased attention to the completion of the annual target difficult.

in fact, in the first half of the annual sales target of 20 billion only completed 5 billion 900 million. Jingdong mall 60 billion annual goal of the first 8 months of the year to complete the sales revenue of only 24 billion.

according to the reporter, the upcoming National Day golden week, Suning, Gome will be more focus on the promotion of the line. Tmall, and other Jingdong, will be the next biggest campaign aimed at the "11· 11" promotion, but in the electricity supplier’s credit crisis in these promotions can reach the target is unknown. So, through mergers and acquisitions or platform to do large-scale cooperation becomes another strategy.

tough annual target

For the first half of the

tax revenue 5 billion 900 million yuan, the second half of the industry base is often more than two times in the first half of this point of view, is to achieve the annual sales target of 20 billion yuan does not seem difficult to. However, research report from investment institutions, difficult to achieve the goal of 20 billion yuan.

The latest research report

Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that, according to the data for the first 8 months, even the four quarter continued to promote the price war, the highest annual sales revenue of about 15 billion yuan, the overall income plus the store is about 103 billion 500 million yuan.

in this case, through a series of mergers and acquisitions to complete the merger application report is an important means to reach the annual target. However, due to the August online price war in the promotion of false acts of bad faith, that including Tesco, Jingdong, the price war participants brand image have been a greater impact.

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