Babe network 9.8 anniversary to save money Raiders baked into the new mother

God is very busy recently, husband Yang Yangzheng playing William Chan busy marriage knot, the Buddha into the mine bucket, young Li Yifeng still do with Fairy Magic. Mothers are also very busy, busy busy raising money for a baby, more busy licking the screen cut play anthomaniac. Too little time too many things, which is time and money on their


recently announced, babe network 9.8 anniversary activity play, 250 million of the total value of the red rain, and draw seckill multiple surprises of play, from September 3rd the warm-up period continued into the September 12th anniversary of the end. At present, the existing money Master deft sort out babe network 9.8 anniversary "chop hand Raiders", teach the mother how to from the dazzling rules in planning the most suitable for their own money law. No time to study the details, take three minutes to take the tips to save money is enough.


red is not the more the better but the not hesitate when

more than 250 million yuan red rain is what concept? Red Rainstorm Warning babe network have been scared? Originally, the anniversary babe network to prepare a large number of large denomination envelopes, total value of more than 250 million yuan. Reasonable use to grab the red envelope, is one of the important magic weapon to save money, 50 yuan more universal vouchers limited release.


During the period of September 3rd to September 7th of

preheating, babe network APP will appear two big red entrance. Share with friends as long as the anniversary celebration, you can get special babe network anniversary value coupons, the highest award 98 yuan. In addition to the daily big show special, high-quality big names will also be sent out every day attractive benefits, up to one hundred dollars in the red envelopes and other brands of your income.

however, more than just warm up red rain, during the period from September 8th to September 12th show will debut formally. Then, every day there will be a 10 wave of red rain in babe network APP broadcast time were 0:30, 1:30, 9:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:30, 20:30, 21:30, 22:30 and 23:30, to seize the red is winning, the more the number of grab, the probability of winning more. "No threshold", "value", "100 yuan red light…… is this a few words is enough to make people out of the outbreak.

in addition, during the anniversary of the mothers can also participate in the "Raiders" online game, fingertips red hand, there are 5000 yuan prize for hand speed Master.

character saved well award pumping

said that if the red rain is money weapon, then draw the ultimate big move is to defend the wallet. The babe network 9.8 anniversary, there are a lot of character of the fight of the game.

from September 3rd to September 7th, as long as users on the anniversary of the venue in 0 yuan Lottery Corporation, after winning the members to participate in the fight groups have the opportunity to get the value of awards, prizes include:

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