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Internet companies already penetrated into aspects of film production, distribution and marketing is not new, the box office in February the top two of the "Macao vice", "2" days will be mighty have been online movie ticketing platform help. At the same time, it is worth noting that the public comment on the field of O2O services in the field of life, the United States Mission network, respectively, is one of the two films jointly issued. Public comment statistics show that the Macao Fengyun 2 viewing peak, single day sales of every 3 movie tickets, there are 1 sold through public comment.

said this, Analysys think tank analyst Huang Guofeng told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the public comment in the film, convey the start signal to force the movie ticketing service, which allows the platform to get more attention in the industry; as to how the development of the future, but also in the actual effect of the issue of how the movie.

O2O in the shadow of the field, has formed a public comment and the United States mission, the two giants compete pattern.

life service competition extended to shoot the movie


reporter was informed that the year of the sheep during the Spring Festival, the public comment release two sets of promotional activities in the country, more than half of the movie screenings and enjoy 9.9 yuan fare value, the other half can give preferential subsidies to the user number of more than 30 yuan. In addition, the public comment or Macao Fengyun 2, one of the joint issuers. The movie business independent of the U.S. group net also in the sale of movie tickets at the same time, the continuation of the previous issue of "participation", put heart flower road 3D version of the "tiger" of the road, "the day will become one of the" lion of the issuer.

from this point of view, the front line between the two companies has been extended to the field of film shooting, and with the help of the new year file achieved good results. Yi en network data show, "Macao vice", "2 days of army" two movie box office revenue reached 650 million yuan and 595 million yuan.

in addition, the two companies also continue to focus on the shadow ticket market O2O, but they are slightly different in the way the value of the theater.

public comment movie business official said, during the Spring Festival, the platform sold a total of 6 million 500 thousand movie tickets. According to public comment official statistics, 50% of users of the platform will be dining, KTV and other consumer will choose to watch movies for entertainment.


industry point of view, the public comment as "entrance idle away in seeking pleasure one-stop service, broader coverage, and then open up the incremental market. In other words, the public comment is to cut the business relevance of the extension mode. Accordingly, the opal film cut to group purchase mode, to attract users to concessions, more is to expand in the stock market.

statistical data show that the current U.S. group and the public comments of the opal film has become the largest domestic ticket O2O "oligopoly" platform. With the Spring Festival as an example, occupy more than 40% market share and public comment the cat movie online movie ticket market, become "

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