The United States Suning electricity supplier channel online and offline integration problem to be s

online has more than 1 stores in the U.S. group, this year to accelerate the pace of embrace the internet. The day before, the United States and Su ningyun signed a "3 60 billion year" strategic cooperation agreements, the target is completed in 2014~2016 years, the U.S. air-conditioning, ice wash, household appliances, kitchen appliances and other products in the Suning channel sales of 60 billion yuan.


analysis thinks, Su ningyun choice and positive transformation of the Internet Co, one of the reasons is that the United States this year in the business channel force, to further deepen the "net" efforts. But also face the challenges of integration of resources online and offline.

Midea Group stakeholders yesterday (March 4th) to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, agree with the above statement, and said that the United States of their own electricity supplier team has been set up, will soon be listed.

beautiful or accept online and offline synchronization

it is understood that the cooperation between the two sides, in terms of products, will further increase the beauty of the electric cooker, induction cooker, microwave ovens, water dispensers and other life products in the Suning Appliance sales channels, enhance the new class supply proportion; in the channel, with Suning Internet retail strategy, the two sides will speed up the U.S. the brand area construction market in one or two; in three or four markets, strengthen online flagship product planning and brand construction, accelerate the development of online business.

reporter noted that at the signing ceremony, the two sides repeatedly referred to the Internet, online and other words. Zhang Yanbin Dean Orville Consulting Institute told the "daily economic news" reporter, at present, sales of home appliances is not winning by which one can channel era, the electricity supplier is a big trend, beauty must be combined with the internet.

Midea Group stakeholders also confirmed to reporters that the United States this year will be in the electricity supplier channels full force, and will continue to cooperate with a number of other electronic business platform.

yesterday, the U.S. group senior vice president Yuan Liqun in an interview also said that the face of the impact of the Internet on the traditional manufacturing industry, the U.S. group net from 2008, Internet layout has been upgraded to the strategic level, strategic deployment will form online full channel force this year.

It seems observers Liang Zhenpeng in Suning Appliance

, is the implementation of the line of a set of troops, and operators, beauty can have such a large and Suning cooperation means the acceptance of Suning online and offline synchronization price strategy, which for the purposes of the United States, itself is a great change.

there are concerns outside the United States, the United States and the traditional store business system is huge, the company vigorously develop the electricity supplier, will encounter the problem of online and offline conflict.

Zhang Yanbin said, the United States and the main store in the three or four line market, Suning channel more in a second tier market, so the two will be more complementary. In addition, line >

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