Analysis of several ways of nternet sales

online shop is a different from the traditional business model, which is based on the Internet as a platform to network resources as a tool to the Internet users for the sales of the consumer model.

compared with the traditional sales model, it has run into a small, low cost, convenient and flexible management is not limited to regional advantages, and the integration of many business features, is an open 24 hours a day, at lunch, for the national and global commodity rich, safe and convenient and time-saving convenience shops.

network sales in a variety of forms coexist, not limited to shopping platform. It mainly includes the following several ways:

a shopping platform

with the development of domestic e-commerce, many people began to try to use the shopping platform to sell products, the current popular Taobao, pat, eBay, ah, etc.. This new way of shopping has been accepted and recognized by many people.

in the shopping platform for business activities, must comply with the rules of the site to develop a variety of trading rules, familiar with the site’s trading methods and processes. Different from the traditional way of selling, the website will be based on the business performance and reputation of the shop to do credit rating.

this is a comprehensive evaluation of the seller and the buyer, the more transactions, integrity and comprehensive evaluation will be higher. This also determines whether customers will buy their goods. The traditional way of marketing can not reflect this point.

shopping platform in addition to the development of a variety of trading rules of foreign buyers and sellers also constraint, advertising constantly in various media, to attract more people to go shopping, this is a huge customer base, more people will participate. So shopping site is a huge potential consumer groups.

two, blog sales platform

there are a lot of companies use blogs to do online marketing, with sales of goods if personal blog, requirements are relatively high; need personal foundation, because of the need to through their own propaganda to attract customers, propaganda is not enough, it is difficult to open up the situation.

three, forum sales platform

network has a variety of professional very strong forum, they engage in the forum, it will add their own products to promote, there will be a lot of friends who are respected. They rely on the popularity of the forum, as well as a wealth of expertise, to win the favor of consumers and recognition. Photography forum.

four, independent online sales platform

network to establish an independent product sales platform is a very popular thing, a lot of free shop procedures abound. Independent shop operators have their way, some belong to the large commercial website, using the two level domain name, domain name and space to build some buy shop, completely rely on their own ability to publicize the shop, you can also buy advertising to promote the website, such as the famous Google, Baidu, Ali mother. Suitable for stable suppliers.


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