Why the electricity supplier and selling helpless or profit driven

Taobao, selling fake goods, a Jingdong selling electricity supplier, this is not what happens, which is the fake taobao.com, so Ali launched the Tmall, compared with Taobao, Tmall to fake a lot less. Business seems to have off with fake goods, in fact not electricity supplier fakes, many small sellers in the sale of counterfeits accurately, but provide electricity supplier as sellers shop platform. Is unable to escape the responsibility, if taobao.com can increase the audit efforts, so natural fakes will be reduced, fake in the physical store price may be much cheaper than genuine, in order to attract consumers to buy. Available on the electricity supplier website, the user is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the goods with pictures and text, the same style of clothing, and sometimes even cheaper to dozens of dollars.

Behind the interests of

is very clear, some of the goods into the seller is exactly the same, but the price is not the same, this is the most prominent in some women’s wear. Perhaps is to spread the goods, but the Internet is not selling stall goods prices, which stores can make more money. And the cost will be reduced, although XTEP, Tonlion and other well-known brands will also be stationed in Taobao, but the brand flagship store, after all, in a small number of. Taobao as the reality of the store, which can attract more customers in the store, if a large number of small and medium-sized sellers lost, then the end of the Taobao is coming. Taobao can only make small sellers earn money, and then they can share a cup of soup.

has tens of thousands of small sellers in Taobao and Tmall, to manage these small sellers is very difficult, I need a huge team, artificial to review the product information is almost impossible to. It is a huge amount of work to deal with the complaints of buyers, so for Taobao, Tmall, this is a big open. And for some kinds of products it is difficult to identify, whether it is genuine or fake, for example: some of the food, it is difficult to find out in the store is not a regular factory production. Internet Co is no more a way to distinguish one by one, but business platform can indeed increase the audit difficulty, for example: input a shop more than a certain number of times, can be sealed to the store, or SMS warning.

selling electricity supplier for another reason, that is purely profit driven, in order to maximize the benefits, often for some shops or goods to take "turning a blind eye" attitude. Website of business between the competition is very intense, the price war is the most common form of competition, Taobao, Jingdong, pat, customer, business tycoon in the pursuit of greater profits, sales of counterfeit goods is entirely possible to rush into danger. Small sellers will be more profitable in order to sell fakes, one of which is because of the huge profits of selling fakes, and the other is because of the open shop in a relatively small number of customers, do not take into account the problem of repeat customers.

audit of the product is difficult, coupled with the blind pursuit of the interests of the electricity supplier, the final result is a large number of fake electricity supplier website. In fact, not only is the electricity supplier itself need to strictly audit the product, the relevant departments also need to increase the supervision of the electricity supplier

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