Not only people will play in the city, the county’s 7 largest electricity supplier mode struck

rural electricity supplier market is a big cake, according to the survey report released by the electricity supplier E rural electricity supplier market survey shows that in 2016 the online shopping market is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan, the future may exceed the size of the consumer. Under the huge rural users temptation, in addition to the rural market has long been cultivated for many years the sale of treasure, from the beginning of last year, Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other commercial giants began to take the initiative to sink, have vied for the rural market. "The enemy, to know yourself, want to enter the rural market, rural electricity providers must understand the current situation. Here, the billion state power network and summarizes the current 7 rural county electricity supplier model, for reference.


, a model of


background: Gansu Longnan County, the agricultural and forestry products rich, there are about 500 thousand acres of walnut forest. From the beginning of 2013, Chengxian county Party Secretary to take the lead with micro-blog, WeChat promotion by walnut.

business model: "Kaoshanchishan" is the basic idea for the development of electronic commerce in chencounty. The development mode is: farmers + e-businessmen county.

key features: 1, explosive product line. First with the visibility started again by walnut, driven by the "County Purple Garlic", "county soil honey", "Cheng Ba Ma fragrant pork", "by hand Hanging noodles" and other agricultural products to sell. 2, government marketing. County Party Secretary to take the lead, the four teams, rural cadres Qi battle with WeChat, micro-blog and other tools for marketing.

applicable area: all regions can refer to, especially the geographical area of distinctive products.

two, sand set model

background: Jiangsu Xuzhou City sand town is a typical rural areas in Northern Jiangsu, there was the development of pig industry, the town development of waste plastics recycling industry, "the rag", from the beginning of 2006 began to try to do simple furniture business.

business model: sand set business trip out a completely independent of local traditional industries, "out of thin air" electronic commerce development road. Model: Factory + farmer network operators.

The core

model is the "farmer network operators". Farmers from the processing plant to take goods, and then sold to consumers through their own shop. Most factory is professional and shared, a small part of the network has its own processing plant. At the end of 2014, more than 2000 people only sand town Dongfengcun directly engaged in network business personnel, set up shop more than 1000, the transaction size more than 2 billion 400 million yuan.

key features: 1, chose not related with local traditional industry category. 2, choose the simple furniture category with low technical threshold, low capital requirements, integration of industry resources and low difficulty of feature. 3, to the industrial division of labor mode: plate suppliers, processing plants, shop, logistics express, packaging and other complete supply chain.

applicable area: more suitable for traditional industries are not prominent areas.

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