Double 11 hand chop new choice Alipay Alliance

tomorrow is double 11, we do not know the Alipay ready to balance? There is no shopping cart filled with? In fact, in addition to Tmall shopping tomorrow, we have a new place, that is

this morning, women’s fashion business platform announced a partnership with Alipay, Alipay launched a comprehensive payment services, in order to prepare for the overweight transition after the first "11.11 women shopping festival". From then on, in the shopping when you can use the Alipay settlement.

it is understood that the cooperation between the two sides including PC and mobile version, users either by PC or iOS, Wap, and Android client for shopping, you can use Alipay to pay.

the latest data show that the number of users of Alipay wallet has reached 190 million, the daily mobile payment date, the number of transactions over 45 million pen, accounting for Alipay overall accounted for more than 50%. The choice of and Alipay cooperation is convenient for users to a great extent, how specific effects or wait for double 11 to see the outcome of it.

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