See HUAWE MateBook to mobile business office life integration

The traditional

PC sales continued to decline for many years so many manufacturers have to face transformation, but PC really will be eliminated? Of course not, there are massive user base PC market, has added new vendors, there are traditional manufacturers struggling to adhere to technological innovation. In particular, as an essential part of the business office productivity tools, laptops are just needed.

in the office rhythm faster and faster today, business people need a set of overall performance and portable long life in one of the office laptop. For the traditional notebook computer, because of the size and weight of the battery cannot be either limited, long battery life, often use two or three hours after no electricity, or both long life at the expense of light volume, the continuation of design style more bigger, this contradiction is a serious pain point of mobile office users. If there is a notebook computer can solve those drawbacks, not only will the user out of the office, to meet the portability of mobile office needs, at the same time, can also solve the problem of the endurance of notebook computer, ensure the continuity of the mobile office, Why not?


in the mobile office is the most fancy laptop portability, after all, need to carry out outside, thickness and weight are decisive factors. Recently, HUAWEI MateBook body thickness of only 6.9mm just listed, and based on the use of full metal body, the weight is only 640g, users can easily use a single hand, like a book so light, especially on a trip, carrying did not seem cumbersome. Under the thin body, equipped with a 33.7Wh high energy density lithium battery, and match HUAWEI’s leading power-saving technology, to maximize the use of business people to meet the needs of the day.


for HUAWEI MateBook, combo notebook computer more flexibility is an advantage. Based on the variability of its own, by its variable body shape gives it a more flexible use of the scene, taking into account the needs of traditional notebook and tablet PC usage scenarios. Like HUAWEI into the combo notebook computer products mainly is the use value of the potential demand in the market, and in the processor are greatly improved, can be achieved through the thin design more delicate parts, especially as business people pay more attention to the portability of the notebook computer, which is why Apple is eager to launch new iPad pro. The face of the current trend of portable business transformation, HUAWEI MateBook is a strong wave of.

HUAWEI MateBook in the notebook mode, and the traditional notebook computer does not make any difference, whether it is PPT or e-mail can easily deal with. The keyboard will be separated, the system will automatically identify and switch to the flat mode, can be described as a combination of". There is no doubt that this is often for

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