Crown sellers teach you how to look at the transaction to pay 4% VAT

recently on the Internet to sell the news of the tax registration in the Taobao business I raise a Babel of criticism of the seller, a lot of friends, they was shocked to hear this news. Including me, wanted to open a shop on the Internet can reduce the cost, my Taobao double crown shop recently in the online business is booming, but recently I was a bit scared, because I heard that not long ago, Shanghai Putuo court sentenced the country’s first network of Shanghai tax evasion case, the defendant Zhang borrowed the name of the company to sell nearly 2 million 900 thousand yuan the goods are not including tax according to the law in the Taobao online, by the Shanghai Putuo court sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, and fined 60 thousand yuan.

that is to say, if you are engaged in the online commodity trading has not yet paid taxes, but be careful – perhaps you have violated the law. This is a landmark significance of the judicial decision, immediately set off waves in the online sales of individual stores, and caused the industry a bunch of doubt: in the increasingly fierce competition in the individual shop online sales in what measures to take to survive? What kind of store in the future is the mainstream model of

Online shop?

is also normal to think carefully, then how do we look at this kind of thing? How to deal with this matter?

1, I believe that e-commerce is the inevitable trend of enterprise development in the future, people will be shopping on the Internet, Taobao is also trying to do, even those who are not online shopping on the Internet, Taobao is not in the big city opened the purchasing community now, so the future of the enterprise will be in large part of online transactions! That a country to develop, must rely on tax support to stabilize, if you do not charge a shop tax, how the future national development! After the enterprise do electronic business affairs, if not closed shop tax, then the country would not have the money to serve the people of


2, I think the move is visible progress, the law system of our country and then continue to improve, now Chinese already has more than 300 million users, including more than 100 million users of online shopping, such a large consumer groups in the online shopping, more in need of national legislation and business administration online behavior! This is responsible for the consumer is the standard for the seller! Behavior.

3, and then I think this move is conducive to the seller, slightly increase the threshold to open the shop, but also to reduce the price of a little bit of competition in the online shop!

how to deal with this matter?

1, from the buyers start: China’s tax law, production and management of enterprises should pay 17% of the value-added tax in online transactions; if only buy and sell stores, but also to pay 4% of the value-added tax, my calculations, for example, sold 100 yuan of goods, is required to pay 100 yuan × yuan; 4%=4 value tax, so we set the price of the seller when the baby, you should put a price above tax in addition to the baby. 4% tax let prices rise slightly. I like to collect taxes digest 4%: one is to share this part of the tax, such as the bear 50%; two is the price rose slightly in some.

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