On the future development of e-commerce in small and medium sized cities in Jiaxing

Jiaxing is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, in the domestic economic development in Yangtze River Delta Hangjiahu Plain active hinterland areas. In recent years, with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the huge business opportunities in Jiaxing City, Nanhu District government is aware of e-commerce behind this emerging industry which, through the establishment of the Jiaxing international cultural and Creative Industry Park, formulate relevant preferential policies and other measures to support local economic development, let Jiaxing quickly accumulate a number of elite electronic commerce enterprise.

held in the days before the second session of China · Nanhu on hero e-commerce forum and sent on behalf of P18 summit, South Lake district government and the relevant leaders, leaders of Zhejiang province and the city of Jiaxing Electronic Commerce Association, attended the summit and the country’s top 18 e-commerce company executives, CEO. Participants on the rapid growth of e-commerce industry in Jiaxing and its trajectory of the development of small and medium-sized cities in China are discussed.

disadvantages become advantages to achieve cluster development

Convenient and low cost advantages of

e-commerce industry itself is destined to the development trend of the industry, but when online shopping has become a common consumer habits in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, the big city, the development of small and medium-sized city of e-commerce is undoubtedly the lag in the state. Analysis of the reason there are several points: first, small and medium-sized city computer penetration rate is not high, ingrained traditional consumption concept, the consumer does not have basic planning of electronic commerce; secondly, the supporting system to support the development of e-commerce is not perfect; there is another important reason is the lack of professional talents in electronic commerce, and to attract talent the use of the mechanism is not perfect.

after the detailed interpretation of the drawbacks of small and medium-sized city e-commerce development, Jiaxing municipal government held a meeting to discuss the comprehensive analysis of the local characteristics of the economic development, through repeated research, they found that although the small city of Jiaxing, but also has the unique advantage of a series of development of electronic commerce.

first, Jiaxing location, logistics industry developed, WAL-MART, SF express, STO, Cisco, speed logistics Baoyin warehousing logistics and many other JETCO logistics giants are here to build a logistics distribution center, which is the basis for the development of electronic commerce. With the Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed rail traffic, Jiaxing gradually realize the city and the development of Shanghai, Hangzhou. Secondly, like most small and medium-sized cities, Jiaxing has obvious cost advantages compared with big cities. Commercial land, warehouse rent, labor costs are relatively low. In addition, Jiaxing also has a large number of colleges and universities for the development of local enterprises to provide adequate talent pool.

in the comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the local economy, the local government has developed a series of targeted support policies. Taking South Lake area as an example, the district government issued the first "Jiaxing International Creative Cultural Industry Park industrial enterprises" from two into three "implementation plan", to "retreat into the principle of complete transformation to the original East Gate Industrial area. And the introduction of the "Jiaxing international cultural and creative industrial park off"

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