Taobao remediation cash back now Brush credibility phenomenon should be stopped

August 24th news, recently, Taobao official said, will be on the Taobao platform for a high proportion of the phenomenon of remediation. The product description will be banned in the full return now, a high proportion of cash back and other key words, once the discovery of such a phenomenon, the product will be directly removed or removed. But how much is now back to a high proportion of cash back, Taobao official did not give accurate provisions. In fact, there are many shops on the Taobao platform will back cash, the most common is to give praise back now some cash. Under normal circumstances is a few dollars, or more than ten yuan.

shop back to the purpose is to brush single

In fact,

shop owner is to return to the way to brush their own praise, as long as the quality of the product is no big problem, buyers also confirmed receipt. Then give a good back can be a few dollars, the vast majority of users are expected to be willing to. This quietly brush praise, but very effective, safer than a single brush, malicious brush praise. In fact, now Taobao online scalping phenomenon still exists, this pattern is like a back cash rebate network. But in the long run, eventually pay by consumers, the same is true of Taobao shop. Brush praise, brush sales are cheating, the more important is to mislead the majority of consumers.

will directly affect the desire to buy

for frequent online shopping friends, whether it is to Taobao, Tmall, or Jingdong, amazon. Online shopping, consumers will always look at the product sales, as well as other buyers of the product evaluation. Mainly divided into poor reviews, comments, praise, the average consumer will look bad reviews and praise, and then compare the quality of the product. There is no doubt that more praise, the sales volume is higher, so the product ranking will be in front, the same buyers are more willing to believe that, high sales of baby. But these figures are often a lot of water, in fact, to deceive consumers.

how to thoroughly brush brush phenomenon

cash back now is only a way to induce sellers brush praise, but more is a professional brush team, a chain of interests between the store seller and brush team formed. Brush the team will be assigned to the task of many network part-time staff, so that the brush is not easy to close account. It is difficult to find the brush from the single account, a single can be a few dollars to more than a dozen dollars, but the demand is very large brush. So a single brush team can still continue to do so, renovation brush praise phenomenon, must be cut off from the source of interests behind the chain. The most effective way is to severely punish those who brush the shop, some of the evaluation of the contents of a look at the brush is to know.

brush is not only to deceive consumers, but also undermine the fair market order, so that some of the good quality of the Taobao platform products flooded. Damage to the interests of consumers and other sellers, so this phenomenon must be severely punished.

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