Try to figure out the online consumer psychology

this time most of the brothers in the forum Taobao shop this piece of research, it turns out that to run a Taobao shop is still quite difficult. At this stage, it seems that the problem has been basically solved within the shop. Including the credibility of the problem, ah, the decoration of shops and the like. After everything is ready, many brothers situation is gorgeous shop there, a few days without a single transaction. The increasingly fierce competition, the network competition means is a powerful and unconstrained style, break the bottom line.

nonsense not to say, I am also preparing to open a shop, so try to write on the side today to try to analyze the psychology of consumers shopping on the network, for our customers face a little judgment.

first, personalized. The age of this group of netizens itself is mostly young, can go shopping in the network of young people, I want to have some more or less individual psychological. An antique is not recognized online shopping. That we are targeting young people, it is related to the choice of our products, but also to the relative personality. Personality mention any aspect, such as personalized service, personalized brand, personalized cultural connotation, etc.. Taobao has seen before the sale of personalized custom design clothes, although sales are not large, but the business is very stable, the price is relatively high. Sell is a personality, each person’s clothes can not be the same, are unique. So the product was favored. Although according to the different products to achieve each have different attributes, we should try to reflect a personalized state, to meet the psychological needs of consumers.

second, interactivity. The most convenient place on the network is a communication, the transmission of a message. Every aspect of the product should be clearly expressed, the use of various functional effects, so perfect. The most important step is to communicate, communicate with the reality in the network is not the same. Can play more language skills, patience to answer each question of the customer, to form a good interaction. In fact, as long as someone in the use of communication tools in consultation with you, the customer’s intention is very strong, a good customer service will not let anyone take the initiative to consult. This interaction is reflected here, in reality, a lot of young people to buy things, simplested asked too much, but on the Internet, often can consult a lot of questions, because this is a choice of online shopping. So this step to be done in order to meet the requirements of consumers.

third, convenience. Today’s young people, most of them are at home, do not want to go out shopping so I chose online shopping. Then we need to place the reality of the lack of the best on the network, it is a convenient. Do not go too long to find their satisfaction. This is the main structure of the store to do in place, not a classification should be precise and meticulous, so that customers into the store can quickly find what you want baby. Then the baby should also be described below to do a shop navigation, the location of all the baby’s structure clearly displayed, >

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