Global plastics push the production and sale of clothing Lee attended the B2B Conference


April 7th, according to the universal plasticizing new network industry chain "production purchase and sale service" four in one service, senior electricity providers believe that it is an open platform for collaborative plastic industry value chain, or further decomposition of each section of the B2B "in large material transactions, in order to ensure the smooth realization of the B2B transaction. If the move is successful, it may mean that China’s B2B e-commerce development will enter a new milestone.

global plastic network since 2010 on the line, the model uses C2B2B2S, has become a huge plastic industry access, data rich integrated service platform. At present, the main categories of products to plastic products, the vast majority of orders are more than 100 thousand of large orders.

compared with the original B2B model, a new platform for the biggest difference is no longer limited marketing platform, is no longer limited online services, it is no longer mandatory online trading platform, centralized industrial advantages channels and resources, to assist the plastic enterprise real information marketing. Plastic enterprises can choose on the platform of one or several services (such as SQC cloud strategy, customized marketing, procurement, product certification, safety and advantage of trading, warehousing and logistics, production technology, hosting etc.) can be assigned to the platform.


Analysis of

sources, the global network plasticized chose to launch the new platform at this point in time, in the past three years the global network has enough plastic accumulation in suppliers, technical ability, and service ability, and the demand for the development of large-scale manufacturing enterprises in recent years in B2B increasingly strong; another important reason it may be due to the Alibaba began fusion industrial B2B online trading.

now B2B platform mostly self-contained system. Global plasticizing network launched the open chain of chemical industry value chain, objectively speaking, to further reduce the threshold of plasticizing electricity supplier enterprises, is conducive to promoting the development of China’s plastics industry scale electricity supplier. The key point of success lies in whether the global plastic processing network platform, suppliers, buyers and service providers of these four effective docking and resource matching." A plastic giant enterprise electricity supplier responsible person said.

for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of information technology, the eighth SME e-commerce conference held in Ningbo in April 25th. The organizing committee Co Jingdong mall chairman Liu Qiangdong, vice president of Amazon, Fang Gan Li Shi, universal plasticizing network CEO HC CEO Guo Jiang, Dunhuang CEO Wang Shutong, my steel CEO Zhu Junhong, the Hongkong Trade Development Council Li line, Comtech core city executive vice president Zhu Jizhi and other big business platform, discusses the small and medium-sized enterprises in adversity the survival, industry upgrading and the production mode of circulation reconstruction and other hot topics. The global network has confirmed that Li Shi plasticizing attended the meeting and debate forum in B2B, and chairman of Netsun sun Deliang, global market net CEO District Naiguang, Lange steel.

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