Jingdong second tier cities test convenience store O2O sample or a special case

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in the electricity supplier industry are actively layout O2O, there has been nothing of the Jingdong yesterday also announced their O2O pilot: in Shanxi, Tang Long convenience store to do online shopping". In fact, the O2O project is more like a Jingdong to help Tang Long convenience store O2O, the Jingdong want to take is to flow, sales rebate and two or three line market.

said Jingdong to do before the O2O mode, first introduced the Tang Long convenience store. Tang Long is the flagship of the local enterprises in Taiyuan, as a regional retail store has more than and 600 stores, the basic 50-100 meters will be able to see a. They have Tang long storage, local procurement, all temperature distribution system (including -18 of frozen goods and commodities, the temperature 25 degrees) central kitchen system (vegetable processing and distribution), utilities in Taiyuan city has more than 50% in the Tang Long convenience store, and the store itself, users phone order delivery door-to-door service.

for Tang Long convenience stores, the most troublesome thing is that he doesn’t understand the Internet, especially the store is close to saturation in Taiyuan, foreign entry threshold is high, the urgent need for the adoption of the line to line the way to expand the scale. For Jingdong, the establishment of a self service platform for local life, investment is too large, and through the platform to do this thing is much easier.

Jingdong how to help Tang Long convenience store O2O?

1 to help Tang Long convenience store expansion and combing SKU. The original Tang Long convenience store a total of only 3000 SKU, Jingdong to help Tang Long extended to 30000, Tang Long for specialized positions. In addition to the original entity to facilitate some of the goods in the store, other goods will be displayed in the Jingdong website of the Tang Long area, Jingdong does not participate in the procurement of goods.

2 Jingdong in the O2O project, play a more important role in the supply chain integration. Jingdong will Tang Long and their own information systems, commodity systems, supply chain systems, service systems, payment systems and membership system to get through. For example, the mobile terminal, Wifi server side, the transformation of ERP sales system and POS sales system, etc..

In addition to

3 is not involved in the procurement of goods, in cooperation with Tang long, Jingdong is not involved in the logistics, but with the Tang long existing supply chain system, which is the production in the Tang Dynasty to Tang long long warehouse, every day in the store orders, to the store clerk after delivery. The whole process of the retail practice, not doing a parcel direct turnover of goods, cancel carton packaging supplies, the cost of electricity supplier logistics cost is a little more than 1/3, because the logistics cost is low, it is easy to Tang Long profit.

4 after the completion of the supply chain integration, Jingdong will help Tang Long achieve 1 hours delivery. Jingdong believes that due to the use of store cooperation, fully able to achieve 1 hours above delivery, the system is being developed, is expected to formally launched on December 18th.


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