Detailed analysis of eight nursery sites in 2009

1, ya ya

Ya net is early website, focus on parent-child industry, is committed to the young parents’ favorite parenting website. The website mainly provides three services: Ya Ya community, and love pregnant baby home network. Due to start early, so accumulated a lot of experience in online and offline activities, a huge amount of users, while working with the major domestic and foreign media have close cooperation, to establish a leading position in the industry. However, the interface and operating mode is too old, the main user base has grown up, no longer belongs to the scope of the child, the site must be transformed or looking for new profit points.

2, Parenting Network

network is 0 – 6 years old child parents to provide pregnant childbirth, fetal education, parenting, health care, feeding, care of common diseases, early childhood knowledge and the capacity of the baby home, parenting blog services, while also providing audiobooks, songs, fun games download, open online mall and childcare, work to build a comprehensive one-stop service for parents parenting website, Alexa is also ranked first in the world to Chinese children’s website.

3, cradle network


cradle network was founded in 1998, was born in Silicon Valley in the United States, users reached 1 million 600 thousand people, cradle network dedicated to create cross media information parenting parent-child multimedia platform, and constantly develop more convenient means of communication with the media, cradle network, mobile phone cradle, cradle of the electronic magazine three media, from mother to children six years of age during pregnancy all aspects of knowledge, service and product information, covers all aspects of infant nutrition, health, intelligence and emotion training.

4, baby tree

baby tree is a mother and child market in the maternal and child market, mainly to create online parenting knowledge exchange and sharing platform. The baby tree in March 8, 2007 officially launched the beta, website, video sharing and other parenting blog to communicate with each other, is a representative of the transformation parenting site, in terms of design and style are leading the trend of the times WEB2.0.



Oh, dedicated to the family centered China first professional parenting blog website as the goal, is founded to promote scientific parenting China movement public network, focus on child family education and school education, to create the most professional, the largest Yu Erwen space. To create the largest and specialized children’s growth record community.

6, mommy love

mommy loves to provide one-stop care for pregnant women, 10 years of age, in addition to feeding nutrition and health

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