Taobao suffered a crisis of credibility crisis rampant proliferation of counterfeit foreign users

has been selling pushed Taobao in the teeth of the storm, not only in the country, the United States Taobao also suffered a fake incident. This week, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, Taobao will be on the court, on the grounds that too many fake Taobao platform, and there are many users complain about Taobao. Taobao suffered a credibility crisis abroad, whether through the audit of foreign related departments, now estimated to be a problem. Taobao fakes in the clothing category is the worst, it is no exaggeration to say that, in addition to those brands flagship store, the vast majority of clothing store goods are fake. Or simply spread the goods.

 In fact, Taobao

selling is not what secret, as Taobao official holiday for two days is not a day, but always small talk. Ma Yunhan fake, can effect is not obvious, now Taobao still has a lot of fake, nearly 60% of the fake is basically credible. Ali to the United States after the success of the listing, Taobao globalization has accelerated the pace, but foreign electricity supplier environment and domestic different. If there is no significant improvement in the price of Taobao, then Taobao is certainly difficult to globalization.

imagine, Taobao suddenly reduced by nearly 60% of the goods on the platform, that Taobao is not far away from the dead, so Ali can only slowly rectification, across the board will undoubtedly leather own life. Taobao almost monopolized the domestic electricity supplier market, while in foreign countries are different, eBay, Amazon and other local electricity supplier website. Therefore, foreign users have more choices, Taobao had just arrived, and not occupying fake disaster caused by flooding water, heel first lost credibility. This is not a small blow to Ali, of course, is bound to cause the floating stock ali.

as the country’s largest electricity supplier platform, and now the number of sellers on Taobao and Tmall, there are millions of people, so many users are not so good management. In particular, the audit of the goods on the line, what kind of products are fake, it is difficult to distinguish it, clothing products, for example, genuine too little. To check the amount of Taobao Shanghai products, it is necessary to invest a lot of money and manpower, for Ali may be unable to bear. So Ali has been very difficult to eliminate the root causes of fake Taobao, but this is not as Taobao selling reason.

is not only Taobao and Tmall, even the credibility of a good Jingdong can not guarantee that the platform is genuine, but relatively few fakes on Jingdong. Taobao will not be so outrageous and excessive, so it can be imagined, Jingdong mall is also difficult to enter the foreign market. The fake hand hurt consumers, on the other hand, to meet the needs of some consumers, that is to ignore the quality of products, and pay more attention to the price of goods. This road is estimated to be out of the country, Taobao, Jingdong and other domestic electricity supplier chiefs should know this truth. Article source: SKF original write reprint reserved address

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