Amazon Launchpad landed in ndia settled up to 400 applications


] January 18th news billion state power network, the state power grid from the foreign media was informed that Amazon hardware oriented entrepreneurs Launchpad program was officially landed in India last month in the market, and launched two weeks to get up to 400 in the application.

According to Amazon

introduces, at present, Launchpad settled in India commercial cover smart wearable industry, intelligent health management Home Furnishing industry, catering industry, education industry, toy industry, settled more than 25 entrepreneurial enterprises in India.

According to the

Launchpad billion state power network to understand, to raise product provided online sales plan for Amazon really hardware startups and. Using Launchpad, entrepreneurs can simply build a store, while Amazon will provide training for these entrepreneurs, customized product pages, inventory management and marketing materials and other support. In addition, Launchpad also allows settled startups to use Amazon’s storage facilities, customer service centers and logistics.

is reported that Amazon Launchpad formally launched on July 2015. On the line, the Amazon LaunchpadProduct Hunt investors, YC and Indiegogo raised platform, more than 25 venture capital institutions, on top of the accelerator and the congregation raised platform to achieve cooperation, to provide the platform for entrepreneurs settled and new product line.

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