On the domain name selection strategy

domain name for a web site is very important, because the domain name strategy can better help you to complete the search engine optimization work. In the specific optimization plays a big role and I don’t know, some people think the opposite, this is normal, because everyone has their own set of methods, I would say a few points in the choice of domain I very attention and the actual operation experience after


first, we must first determine the point: stop doing business network marketing is to promote their products and service! Why do we have to do network marketing? Because our enterprises lack of visibility, if the high-profile words don’t need to do this by way of promotion. So we should be the core of the whole station around the company’s flagship product to do, with the name of the enterprise, this method is verified by practice. Strange customers will only be interested in your product at the beginning and not too much attention to your business, and when you are interested in the product and business ideas will be concerned about the integrity of the enterprise and service issues. Optimization of good website customers will easily find your business website through the product information, so as to further understanding and understanding of your business, but not before you know the enterprise again know your product (except old customers), the order of their own thinking seriously under


domain name when you need to pay attention to:

1 as a short and easy to remember; now of course good domain names are robbed, 4 COM meters and CN meters are hard to find, select the domain name to see luck. Someone asked, why do you stand this domain name so long? I use such a long domain name is a reason, step by step to analysis;

2 try to contain the target key large choice of domain name often; this will bring some unexpected gains for you, when people search habits are very strange, sometimes they will use Chinese characters to search, and input method is not open when the phonetic search, if your domain name contains the main keywords that will bring some considerable flow for you, this is all out of practice experience, in addition to the optimization also played a very good role;

3 is a CN or COM? I personally think that no matter what the suffix domain name does not affect the collection, it is best to use common to the COM, CN, COM.CN and NET. Some people say that now Baidu CN m friendly degree is low, this is their first look at your groundless statement, the station is in line with the WEB standard, Baidu and GOOGLE for each station is fair, as long as you work hard to make them are not ill treat you, my management station is to use CN meters, now keep the first or second Baidu keyword industry position, while in GOOGLE, the continuous long time to maintain the leading status. This shows that both CN or COM does not matter, as long as you think about how to do your job better, if you increase the degree of user experience will get the favor of search engines.

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