Electricity supplier era to counter the survival of traditional enterprises implied


since the rise of e-commerce, whether it is a stranger in Taobao’s Taobao store or an independent website of the online store temporarily popular among the world. With the rise of online shopping trend, shop for the store regardless of the outcome, the war triggered at any moment, the shop will inevitably impact on the store. In the era of e-commerce, how to deal with the impact of the traditional business, many traditional enterprises to consider the issue. Which can be said to be one of the media industry in the era of electricity providers hit.

it is understood that the online bookstore is much lower than the price of physical bookstores is an important cause of the physical bookstore hit. In the physical bookstore if you have 8 to 10 percent off of the membership card can enjoy preferential, and in the online bookstore without membership card generally can enjoy 8 to 10 percent off discount is lower than. Furthermore, the advantages of online shopping is to stay at home to browse thousands of kinds of commodities, and can safely wait for delivery of goods. What are the strengths of online bookstores. It is understood that the Amazon, such as Dangdang online shopping mall, shopping freight is usually relief. And they are all over the country have a point, buy a book in Guangzhou, as long as there is some goods, one day can be served. You can also use cash on delivery, eliminating the trouble and risk of online payment.

The advantages of

online bookstore is so obvious that the publishers have also "on the line" to take back tactics. According to reports, published by the Chinese Writers Publishing Group recently launched online writers and online bookstore. In fact, like the Chinese Writers Publishing Group, the publishing house has become a trend. It is understood that there are currently published online bookstore bookstore there are two modes: first, like Dangdang, excellent network, such as hypermarkets. Two is a large number of exotic features in Taobao shop.

According to industry insiders, the former is the traditional model,

and more, but do not have the online service function. The latter increases the online customer service, pay more attention to the communication between people, increased traffic, this model will be the latest direction of online bookstores. But there are relevant responsible person, the shop is not for the purpose of profit, but a part of the group’s industrial chain, is preparing for the future of digital publishing.

no matter what purpose, in the Internet era of traditional enterprise electricity supplier is imperative. At the beginning, when the Internet appeared as a new media, it was proposed that the newspaper demise". The impact of the new media on the old media is a matter of course, and the major newspapers in order to survive only one side have set up news sites while looking for the future development of the road. Similarly, the new business model is also bound to the traditional business model to form the impact of the advent of the era of traditional electricity supplier enterprises is an opportunity and a challenge, in case of inevitable choice to open up a new way of using this new business model.

well-known e-commerce experts in China Connaught network nuo.cn pointed out that the traditional enterprise business website, open Electronics >