Electricity supplier treasure double 12 pit bit registration starts today

    2015, 11, 18, organized by the organization of the twelve business treasure sellers Carnival officially kicked off, landing start! This event will face 2 million sellers. Here, thank you very much "clearly treasure business street", "Amoy dream" and "crazy Taobao" the depth of cooperation and support, "51 pack", "barley electricity" and "cloud business software" portrait of joining, also thank you very much for this conference has also received numerous network media support and sustained attention: the state power, sent on behalf of the network, the seller journal, A5 webmaster, electric network, interactive, empty sofa etc..

the purpose of the joint activities: to the activities of the sellers are difficult to open the green channel, so that sellers are more likely to activities. So finally we decided to provide free sellers – pit, let sellers at the end of the year comes to clear out inventory can have a good harvest.

Joint activities

the preliminary plan to bring sellers 2000 free pit, shop service software give the value of more than 10, providing a series of system store training. And electricity supplier treasure will come up with iPhone6S, printers and other physical benefits.

activity hot in progress….


activity time: 2015, 11, 18

Activity Registration: 12.ecbao.cn

mailbox: [email protected]