Suning Transformation the integration and restructuring of super dianqihua facelift

the day before yesterday, Suning Appliance Limited by Share Ltd announced officially renamed Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd. Subsequently, yesterday morning, Suning held in Nanjing, 2013 new models, new organizations, new image briefing, the meeting announced a new organizational structure and VI system adjustment. This means that Suning revolutionized, super electrical strategy will be fully implemented this year.

Suning renamed to enable the new VI system

Suning renamed the day before yesterday morning, yesterday announced the organization and the new VI system, yesterday critics of Suning renamed criticism will by four. In January last year, Taobao mall was renamed "Tmall mall" situation is basically no one was visible before the eyes, think of the name "Tmall" into the media ridicule ridicule Tmall’s topic but Taobao mall will eventually emerge in an endless stream, renamed Tmall mall, and media crying is used, today is basically no one in the name of Tmall objection.

this "Suning" name "Su ningyun" will appear with the same situation, last year Tmall was renamed when the human nature, people will have a path dependence, thinking, the face has been accustomed to something (or things), the sudden change will lead to psychological instinct of self-defense, will not produce more or less feel yourself on this block, and can not be reversed, change things the most simple way to vent is grumbles about.

no matter how the outside world, in terms of Suning, renamed with a very large strategic value. Liu Bang did not enter Xianyang before a Hou, into Xianyang after he became king, and entered Xianyang before and after Liu Bang’s men did not change much, just outside public comments on his position and understanding from Hou became king, this is the importance of the "name". Taobao mall called renamed Tmall mall? Ordinary people can also not renamed Taobao mall continue to do the right thing last year, changed its name did not bring direct benefits to Taobao, but sometimes the name is inhibition, can limit the life is, Hou Hou, the king is the king, the overall interests and the development of name appellation the difference will be affected.

Taobao mall renamed Tmall mall in 2012 has been out of the name of the Taobao brought the low-end brand image, the successful transformation and upgrading. While Suning renamed purpose and last year Taobao renamed the same purpose is through the name conveys a new brand image, change the inherent outside of Suning’s understanding, this is also Su Ningchao electric strategy to upgrade the key step.

Super dianqihua

Suning in 2012 is not a slogan, it seems that 2013 Su Ningchao electric to play hardball. Suning Appliance not only changed its name to Su Ningyun, also opened a new VI system and new LOGO. LOGO is the carrier of the enterprise name, the new name, new VI, new LOGO launched a comprehensive, basic work means that Suning renamed has been initially completed, the next will be renovated to physical stores, but to complete the 1700 store all.