Look at the nternet from Baidu e-commerce training


recalls e-commerce products in Baidu training day, felt relieved, think of it is the experience of 2013, electronic commerce, education and training that Baidu is also the first time I participated in the Baidu products good products.

here is simple to share training about the content: Baidu intimate four areas (health, education, tourism and games), excavated by Baidu search large data engine three (brand marketing mode of the starting line, ask marketing and enterprise), web promotion and optimization, one-stop mobile e-commerce the effect of monitoring platform and Internet users are very familiar with the mobile search and other 5 content, the overall feeling let me enrich the brain a lot, a lot of attention to understand the Baidu concept and products.

at the same time, in the usual work, some products, such as: I will use Baidu know, library, experience and so on, slowly in the later period of the study I also pay close attention to the Baidu World Conference (held once a year by the Baidu Inc for users, customers and partners of the industry event, as the world’s largest Chinese website, Chinese the widest coverage and influential new media), feel the rapid development of the Internet people anticipated, grab traffic for the PC end in the electricity supplier bigwigs also, when rush orders to earn a life-and-death struggle, mobile e-commerce has come, marking another model quietly.

from the point of view of e-commerce model, experienced B2C, C2C, and now to the O2O, everything from online transactions to offline consumption set off another wave of e-commerce internet.

from the group purchase site, from foreign to domestic Groupon Gaopeng thousands of war, in 2010 can be said to start from zero explosive growth, 2014 until now, most group purchase site closures, have gathered net, Groupon, 24 coupons and so on, these are the famous group purchase network, now the rest is in the fight a fight at outrance, of course, "war" and later, here is just the tip of the iceberg.

from the electricity supplier PC end flow competition, price war, business enterprise in recent years invariably seem to start with the festival for the banner, launched promotional activities, such as a variety of "eleven" meet the eye everywhere, double, double once concessions, Valentine’s Day activities, business anniversary and so on, set off a wave of Internet shopping, bustling.

from the field of payment, the development of mobile e-commerce will bring the development of mobile payments, how to seize the opportunities we used is important, currently Ali Alipay wallet (balance PO) and Tencent WeChat payment, from the current data mobile entrance has been occupied by the big 2, and later will be like it it is reported that? From the end of 2013, millet also launched its own mobile payment – millet mobile payment payment, also want to grab a cup of soup, let the mobile providers in the field more fiery, and further accelerate the pace of Internet development.

so many changes and changes in the Internet, so