Ma Yun how to get the money out of the consumer is the entrepreneur should do things

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Phoenix Technology News October 13th, Ma Yun in the 2015 Tmall 11 global Carnival launch ceremony, double 11 is just a beginning, domestic demand in the future will become a real coach, the next ten years China will become a focus of domestic power, and will become a major importer of export from the country.

Ma Yun said that he recently visited the United States, people have asked what he Chinese economy, a lot of people are worried about Chinese to slow down the speed of economic development. "Every time I see foreigners worried about China, they think China will not work, China will become better. China’s economy is unlikely to grow at a rate of 9%. As long as we have a growth rate of 5%GDP, we are still the fastest growing economies in the world."

Ma seems to be slowing economic growth in order to grow healthily, the new driver is always driving very fast, a skilled driver knows when to drive fast, when to slow down. China should get used to it and learn how to build a slow but healthy economy. "There are a lot of people, including economists and academics, who say that there are problems and problems. But people like us are very optimistic, we see a huge opportunity for China, if you do not optimistic about the business, it will not succeed."

Ma Yun explained that over the past 30 years Chinese economy has three carriages, the first one is investment, second are exported, third domestic demand, "but, in front of two carriages, finally this is actually carts". How to get people to spend money out of their pocket? This is the business of doing things, entrepreneurs should do.

, in his opinion, domestic demand in the future will become a real coach, the next ten years China will become a focus of the domestic country, and from the exporter to importer, from investment in infrastructure power into infrastructure management power. This change is not only an opportunity for China, but also an opportunity for the whole world.

we have 300 million middle class, the next ten to fifteen years, at least 500 million of the middle class. How many in the United States? One hundred and fifty million. This means that the next ten to fifteen, China’s spending power will be the United States and three times. In the past, the U.S. internal consumption is a driving force of global economic development, and now we want to know, China will be three times the capacity. This will be a great opportunity for all countries." Ma Yun said.

Ma Yun also shared his experience: WAL-MART took 60 years to achieve almost 500 billion of the size of the GMV, and the Alibaba is only less than 16 years, "if we can find a better way to find and release our domestic demand, the potential will be very great".

how can we do to release the potential of domestic demand, the most important thing is to use the Internet, the use of e-commerce.

Ma Yun said that the first revolution in science and technology using a steam engine, the release of the human body

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