Foreign trade enterprises need to be careful to choose the virtual host is the key

With the coming of the

information, many foreign trade enterprises have gradually realized the importance of website platform, according to a statistics agency domestic data show: "in carrying out foreign trade activities of enterprises, 95% enterprises will choose the United States as the site of virtual space, thus it can be seen, the virtual host has become the most foreign trade enterprises in the establishment of the first, the demand for the United States hosting provider is the opportunity and challenge.

at present, America has many web hosting provider, and want to become a large number of foreign trade enterprises Chinese favored virtual host, is not so easy, the virtual host not only to provide high quality and low price of the virtual host, but also to ensure the virtual host stability, high-speed operation, and can provide good customer service service, only in this way can not be out of the market.

and the United States in these aspects of the hosting provider HostEase performance is very good, it is understood that the virtual host virtual host HostEase, the room is located in the world’s largest IDC company of American SoftLayer computer room, SoftLayer data center with 40G bandwidth to the frame, 100% CISCO network, redundant main trunk line Cisco ASA hardware firewall, virus and spam filtering and other functions, make the website have a stable and fast running time, but also very good to protect the safe operation of the site.

HostEase virtual host using cPanel virtual host management system based on the world’s most powerful, cPanel enterprises can easily manage their own website, through the File Manager to easily upload web application, various flexible custom error pages, free to set the site directory index and so on, to do foreign trade station enterprises, business type virtual host provided by HostEase to perfect adapt to the enterprise ‘s needs, HostEase business in the virtual host provides unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited binding domain at the same time, also provides an independent IP and SSL certificates for the users, have independent IP and SSL certificate, also increased the weight necessary for the safe and stable operation of the site.

can say that HostEase is a virtual host has a good reputation of the brand to enter the host, since the China market will continue the localization strategy, has launched a Chinese station and Chinese customer service, in order to better benefit to domestic users, also launched a discount code HostEase, paid by this coupon to buy virtual host, you can get 20% of the price, the 20% discount code HostEase is in line with the number of customer needs, to a certain extent also has greatly improved their competitiveness in the market.

insiders said that the Internet information technology can bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise, it has gradually become

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