Shoes Network Alliance members have exceeded five hundred thousand

, the largest B2C platform shoe making shoes recently revealed that by the end of April 2011, pat net Wangzhuan shoes shoe union membership column shot to break the 500 thousand mark. Making shoes CEO Wang Jiancong revealed to the author, compared to this year on the line to buy good music, music Amoy network alliance alliance alliance, because the shoe store project established earlier, so take a project of making shoes is more mature.

then, shoe shoe network technology director Zhang Lin briefly introduced to the author of the shoe shoe Network Alliance Development Strategy:

"We beat

shoe alliance has been in operation for 3 years, apart from competitors, whether or not is the webmaster, can take to get through the promotion of a commission. Our model is a user application shop in making shoes online, then about products, logistics, advertising, customer service you can not, only one or two hours a day spent time doing these things can be extended, we have a professional team to help you do this, is very popular among college students welcome."

"of making shoes has exceeded more than 1 million 200 thousand registered members in the last year, the member concerned, as long as the opening film shop can enjoy preferential treatment, so most of our members are willing to open their own shop, so that the project did not even do promotion outside, only our own members, there are nearly half of the members on the activation of the shoe store, the promotion of 1/3 in shops, with the long-term promotion of campus activities, so the total number of members through our alliance can break 500 thousand mark."

"in April, to take the shoe store as the theme of the network marketing competition in university after the end of the dawn. At the beginning of May, with "my entrepreneurial dream – I took the shoes" as the theme of the Quanzhou teachers college network marketing competition began, the competition process, the promotion of students to shoot order shoes network has brought more than 500 single day. In accordance with the practice, after the end of the contest, we will also hold the awarding ceremony, awarded the certificate for the award-winning students, trophies and tennis shoes secret prizes."

it is understood that making shoes since 2008, has held hundreds of times to "take my shoes" as the theme of the promotion of campus activities. The promotion is done very good, can get a monthly making shoes from tens to thousands of yuan of commission, began to make better students, usually have a Taobao shop experience, but these students said that in the Taobao store will delay the progress of study, if in the class, the buyer can not get a timely consultation reply. Compared to Taobao in the shop, the students said that in making shoes online shop worry more.

the author briefly sums up, from the commission rate to release from the cycle, from the amount paid to registered members such as a series of preferential policies, compared to other domestic competitors competition, more attractive.

advantage one: everyone can have commission

shoes Network Alliance eligibility policy is more relaxed, ordinary members can apply to become a member of the alliance, and not limited to the identity of the webmaster, >

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