Transformation of the customer service system to improve the efficiency of the shoe network

e-commerce first produced in the last century in 60s, after a period of development, now has gradually matured. E-commerce covers a wide range of general can be divided into B2B, B2C, C2C, B2M four e-commerce model. Among them, B2C is the earliest e-commerce mode in our country. From the birth of the first batch of Chinese B2C enterprises ten years ago, B2C has been in China for the first time in the past ten years. Although it is still not perfect, but with the geometric growth of the number of online shopping user base, many traditional companies began to enter the field of B2C, and some of the leading B2C platform has also expanded to the department store retail.

with the development of e-commerce, online sales are getting more and more attention. A good B2C shopping website construction is not only a shopping program, should be combined with the experience in e-commerce operations, with its strong technical strength, the development of research on sustainable network marketing achievements, is provided to the user experience as the core, the solution to the network marketing system as a whole to support and benefit into the goal the.

at present, in some of the leading B2C platform has been operating according to the sales of their own situation to adjust, for example: customer service platform to uninstall software, no longer appear in the web platform customer service QQ, and more is the customer service calls received. Jingdong mall, VANCL, most successful websites have to uninstall the QQ service. By making shoes as an example, the year 2009, the average daily order of making shoes up to 500 single, 1568 single peak, annual sales volume of 32 million 380 thousand. Increase the number of orders, making website shoes to uninstall the service software, the establishment of a customer service center, customer service QQ no longer accepts, but call acceptance, to help consumers solve problems more convenient and fast.

making shoes with a professional technical team, various marketing activities, good interactive experience, sophisticated logistics system rapidly emerging in the industry, and through unremittingly efforts to improve every aspect of the website, consumers get the praise and recognition. Released from the collation of information products, from the application of media publicity to marketing, from the logistics distribution to customer service service, take strict in demands to pay attention to every shoe network operations, will offer the best products and services to consumers, the real win-win situation, the website of the interests of businesses and consumers to achieve the model of B2C electronic commerce website.

it can be seen that the development of e-commerce is a process of continuous improvement and perfection. The customer came to your sales platform, but not with your order, you may be the site without the network customer service contact customer site is equivalent to a network of shops, there is no shop clerk, many guests will flow away, another reason is because the problem of network credit approval the virtual platform, aiming at this historical problem, website customer service system for the network business network marketing platform of the phenomenon and the problem of trust, it is the function of customer service center staff directly with the customer telephone exchange, customers have what >

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