SF EXPRESS’s food B2C SF preferred officially launched



DoNews May 31st news (intern reporter Li Qian) SF EXPRESS’s business food mall SF preferred days before officially announced on the line, located in the high-end food B2C. At present, SF preferred mall merchandise has covered the baby food, nutrition and health care products and other nine categories.

according to reports, wind now has food, preferably maternal nutrition and health care products, grain and non-staple food, beverage, brewing tea, snacks, biscuits, fresh, and delicacy with supplies and other nine categories, a total of more than 5000 SKU.

in addition, SF preferred will build special express delivery system, but the current coverage only in Beijing. SF preferred CEO Liu Miao said that the current domestic e-commerce field there is a great chance in the market segments, such as in the high-end business food market development is almost blank, the market potential is enormous, so in the SF preferred commodity positioning, imported food based, supplemented by domestic food quality, adhere to the fine line.

insiders commented that the new action is not only involved in the SF B2C order from the electricity supplier in the field of a share, more will be hoping to improve the group in the capital market valuation.

Internet commentator Hong Bo analysis that the reason of SF involved in the electricity business areas include two aspects: first, the courier industry profit rate is low, which belongs to the labor-intensive heavy asset industry, and the face of the domestic electricity supplier company self built logistics pressure, industry competition is more intense, hope to seek a more rapid development of the electricity supplier entrance; second, if only the SF logistics and express business, its capital market valuation is not too high, the company earnings is difficult with Taobao, the Jingdong has become the size of the mall and other electricity supplier companies together, so I hope to business as a breakthrough to attract the attention of capital. (end)

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