AQSQ and Ali Jingdong push product quality query platform

[TechWeb] News reported in December 29th, reported, the state quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision department and the Alibaba, Jingdong, and a number of Suning stores 4 business platform signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, the two sides agreed to jointly release the fulfillment of the inspection result information to the enterprise product quality commitment.


AQSIQ organized the development of the product quality commitment to public inspection platform for enterprise law enforcement inspection results, the platform is expected to be around 3.15 on 2016, to support the use of national consumer inquiries. Business platform will also sync consumer inquiries by the entrance, quality inspection administration platform to push business platform for information, consumers can be found in the list, a commitment to quality inspection content, business commitments and other information.

but the scope of the first query is limited to household appliances, washing supplies, children’s wear three categories of products, the future will expand the range of products available to the vast majority of consumer goods.

fake problems continue to plague the development of the electricity supplier. Recently, Jingdong and Ali are due to the issue of fake war saliva war. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong audibles Alibaba said "online fake management is very simple, a programmer to spend a day it well", said Ali is back, only through the consumer feedback to find fake group clues, with the government destroyed the source of counterfeiting can benefit all consumers, regardless of where a consumer choice shopping on the platform. (Ming Yu)

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