3C business sales were now the first decline in industry or new round of reshuffle

recently, Analysys think tank EnfoDesk released "2011 third quarter quarter China online retail market" monitoring data show that in just a quarter in the past, China 3C products online sales of 36 billion 840 million yuan, a decline of 1%, this is the first time in recent years is.

this is a full speed on the highway home appliances B2C companies, this is obviously a depressing news. Pal, senior director of consulting appliance expert Luo Qingqi (micro-blog) told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, relying solely on the way of extension category, financing to solve the 3C online shopping industry from the fundamental dilemma, the future of home appliances business or will set off closures.

sales are down

according to the monitoring data, the third quarter of 2011, China’s online retail market transactions reached $211 billion 770 million. Among them, 3C class merchandise sales grew by 61.6%, the growth momentum is still rapid, but the chain has shown signs of fatigue, the first decline of 1%.

Analysys International (micro-blog) to provide the data show that from the second quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2011, 3C class merchandise sales growth rate has remained above 12%, the highest reached 34.6%. But in the third quarter of this year, the situation is a sudden turn for the worse than in the second quarter of 37 billion 230 million yuan, the transaction size decreased by 390 million yuan, decline.

Kuba shopping network CEO Wang Zhiquan accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, after 2007, in 2008 the domestic digital 3C market experienced blowout is a bit tired, the third quarter of this year turnover fell is a continuation of this trend.

Wang Zhiquan believes that the main reason for this phenomenon is that this year in addition to the Apple Corp, to master the core technology (such as Intel (micro-blog)) of the manufacturers and end product manufacturers launched a revolutionary product, which makes the 3C market more rely on incremental maintenance, the stock of consumer replacement demand is not urgent.

in the view of Luo Qingqi, recently entered the public network appliance platform or expand the category, all these enterprises are facing a potential dilemma. Because compared to the previous growth in the amount of browsing and shopping, has been somewhat weak, which requires the use of other platforms to expand the category to gather popularity.


(micro-blog) general manager Li Bin told the "daily economic news" reporter, we decided the electrical characteristics of online shopping appliances higher threshold, distribution system and customer service service system, will require a longer time to complete the accumulation of experience. So, with the strengthening of market competition and the advantages of electric power, Chinese e-commerce market will only exist 2~3 with large appliances online shopping business, the rest of the electricity market share in the vertical category and an area of contention.

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