F group and high friend merged into a new company Groupnet

August 1st morning news, micro-blog announced today at the Sina F group, the original company officially changed to "Beijing World Network Technology Co., English named Groupnet, the company will be included in the F group and high friend.

This means that

in Tencent will eventually merge, F group and high friend Luoding. At the same time, the Tencent is F group and high friend investment in business, Gaopeng slow and constant negative cases, merged with F group seems to be too shuaibaofu. Although the merger can expand the scale of the business of F group, but the industry had previously considered the merger will produce a negative impact on the brand image and financial F.

it is reported that, F group of the original entity company as Beijing Cara Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., the company changed the name after the release of the new LOGO, and the positioning of one-stop multi platform group buying.

According to previously disclosed the news

, F group CEO lin ning told his new company CEO, F group and high friend will exist as different location independent sub brand, and retain their own domain name. Gaopeng will mainly showed partial local high-end goods or services, the F group is focusing on ordinary users. However, the two sides will integrate the sales team.

reported the original team has been a big adjustment, although the acquisition of F group and high friend hope to achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2, but with the consumer group purchase of the tired, from the actual implementation level integration effect is not obvious.

According to the 800

group’s latest report, by the end of June the number of domestic group purchase site about 2976, again last month reduced 20. Month total transaction volume has not been significantly improved. Which station are group purchase from the beginning of July this year have quietly transition by improving the package price method to extend sale time, will be more broad group purchase into local life preferential field, the industry gradually into the "Pan Group purchase era". (Lin Ming)

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