Who learn with their own way Pathfinder internet education business model

who learn, a determined to become a good teacher to find O2O learning service provider platform, who to learn with


answer is to explore their own.

was established in June 2014, 50 million U.S. dollars in financing in March 2015, in the year of May 19th, who formally settled in Shanghai, began a new expansion. As of April 25th, the platform settled more than 100 thousand teachers, nearly 7000 institutions.

this is an educational Internet Co that started in the basement. One of the founders, who is also the head of the Shanghai branch of learning Su Wei accept the first Financial Daily reporters, recalled the life.

at first, he was just on micro-blog sent a private letter to the CEO position on the departure of Chen Xiangdong from New Oriental, he was introduced to the "great network" project, hope to get the guidance of Chen Xiangdong, Chen was still abroad. Wait until the meeting, the two people on the concept of capital, technology, conducted a more in-depth exchange, and finally evolved to work together with the six founders.

"we had wanted to do a good job in a low-key first, but the sense of smell of capital is keen. We are looking for an office near Zhongguancun street, a capital company on the street to pay attention to the trend of Chen, take the initiative to come to invest. Later, the media began to report, which disrupted the rhythm of our development, can only accelerate the product." Su Wei said.

first product to do

referred to the product, with whom the nature of learning is a full range of online education intermediary to attract outstanding teachers settled is a top priority.

Who want to learn

with parents, students, teachers, training institutions and other parties and services together, category covering K12, sports, art language, study abroad, and the whole category of preschool education, occupation education, evaluation from the search, a lesson about the payment to the implementation of the platform, closed loop. Who learn one of the founders, chairman and CEO Chen Xiangdong said, K12, art sports, language, study abroad accounted for 80% of the proportion of the platform business.

in addition to providing a platform and opportunity for individual teachers, who also make the class more flexible way, can realize the teacher, the students home, home video lectures, one to one, one to many other forms.

Chen Xiangdong believes that the future study is certainly a hybrid learning scenario, traditional education and training institutions will always exist, the relationship between teachers and institutions should not the employment relationship is purely, instead of the relationship; the traditional education will never disappear, but mobile internet education accounted for an increasing proportion of education the decision will be made in the future more and more rely on the mobile internet.

in his eyes, the future development trend of the education and training industry is an excellent teacher or independent studio will be more and more professional services small and the United States will be more and more subdivisions of service to the community will be more and more, exam classes, classes, application >

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