Honey bud baby CEO Liu Nan cross-border electricity providers play duty-free too LOW

news April 24th, 2015 Ebang cross-border e-commerce summit, honey bud baby CEO Liu Nan issued a public speech, she said, the electricity supplier itself is a retail, retail and the essence is the efficiency and experience. Efficiency is guaranteed by a company’s gross profit, the experience is provided by the company’s user retention, including word of mouth. Liu Nan believes that large-scale advertising, although brought the user, but can not guarantee the user retained. A user retention rate is very good business platform, which in theory can support a higher user acquisition costs.

cross-border electricity supplier is a bubble or pure wind, or really can bring about an improvement in nature, the key lies in efficiency and experience. Liu Nan, for example, the normal channels in a lovely toy to sell Chinese consumers, to go through many steps, the first is the brand research at the Chinese market, and then find the regional general agent and trading company, and then arrived here to China district by the commodity inspection, certification and a series of process, then the dealer needs 3 months finally, distribution, retail, is generally three to six months, which indicates that the goods reach the hands China consumers to 15 months, the relative experience is not ideal.

honey bud baby currently self stocking approach, each commodity will establish a new evaluation system and user experience system, so that the user experience can be quickly passed. For how to do cross-border electricity supplier, Liu Nan believes that cross-border electricity supplier can have 10% of the gross profit has been very high, but because of high efficiency, it can also live in the case of low gross profit. In addition, the experience of cross-border electricity supplier is not the imagination of the tax, but only in time to facilitate it, cross-border electricity providers can not be established on the basis of duty-free, cheaper than other goods on the basis of.

Liu Nan said, do cross-border experience must be more effective, and in the category, the most efficient selection of the brand. It is understood that the conference organized by the state power grid, the network Co. Conference on "Hello world shops" theme to open the main venue and the venue, respectively "situation, how will the 2015", "global supply chain: imported electricity supplier ferocious", "global users: export electricity supplier reconstruction" three themes and export sellers, export electric business service, import electricity supplier business, import business services, cross-border O2O, cross-border derivative and other fields, and discuss the interpretation of the 2015 Chinese cross-border electricity supplier new pattern.

is the following speech:

Nan: Thank you for your applause, this PPT is what I did last night, because the company is not a big company, no secretary, I can only do. I try to share a bit dry cargo today to share with you, in the cross-border business, some of the new experience of my. In March we have just launched a diaper price war, from the last effect, the effect is good, sales increase, but the industry reputation is not very good. I would like to share with you what I think of the honey bud.

we put PPT, we say the user, the user needs >

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