Capital sought fresh electricity supplier big players usher in the dawn of small players, such as de

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun August 5th reported

electricity supplier in the field is not yet the final bastion of the fresh electricity supplier is ushering in a new capital seeking Bureau stage, a new round of capital feast is slowly opening.

in August 1st, I bought COFCO group net announces B round of financing $100 million, lead investor IDG capital, A round lead investor Saif chase cast (A round of $37 million investment), to create a domestic food electricity supplier including fresh electricity supplier in the field of financing the. This is the largest investment in the electricity supplier industry IDG capital over the years.

coincidentally, in the end of 7, vertical electric providers have been living fresh also declared a financing completed in January this year, in April of this year funds.

According to sources,

, headquartered in Shanghai, has been acquired by ali. In this regard, Tencent technology call Ali, the other said no comment. While the market rumors, Huarun also approached and shop No. 1, to be close to the arm. However, shop No. 1 responded as rumors".

plus in May of this year, the U.S. electricity supplier giant Amazon $20 million stake in Shanghai local fresh electricity supplier delicious vertical 77.

signs, fresh electricity this electricity supplier in the field had the most difficult seems to usher in a turning point after dawn, in the excellent dish network, housekeeper dishes become martyrs, the rest of the game player has established a number of trade barriers, the capital side also began to accelerate investment in hand, the heat has hit.

trillion market to be sought after capital

I bought the network CEO Zhao Pingyuan told Tencent technology, fresh food has become the biggest food sales category. Just a few months ago, Amazon and I had to buy a network contact, dished out an olive branch of investment, but in the end I chose to buy a network of IDG.

in fact, fresh electricity supplier in the field of Jingdong, in addition to Ali platform level players, SF preferred, I bought the network, shop No. 1 almost all of the vertical electric electricity suppliers are in the stage of continued losses.

both in sustained losses, why can attract capital side also continue to pour into


Yan Yan, chief partner of the fund in the game, I bought fresh electricity providers and other traditional forms of electricity and different. When it began to invest relatively large, after the establishment of a large market will have high-speed growth, but also to do something to eat, in the initial stage than the general electricity supplier to spend more energy, greater investment."

According to the Changning

COFCO chairman Gao Ning disclosed, B round of investment, investors holding proportion occupies 10-20%, according to the $100 million the amount of financing to the current estimate, I bought net valuation has reached 5-10 billion dollars.

fresh electricity supplier is a trillion scale potential market big cake, but also the domestic electricity supplier in the field of the few virgin, the direction is absolutely right, but more difficult to chew. But as long as the direction, is not afraid of the road." Zhao.

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