Tao Tao Yang listed on the new board called Ningbo’s first cross-border electricity supplier


] February 18th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that recently, Ningbo Tao Tao Yang International Trade Limited by Share Ltd (Tao Tao Yang) received the national share transfer system listed on the consent letter, landed three new board.

According to

billion state power network to understand, listed on the new board, Tao Tao sheep become Ningbo’s first cross-border electricity listed companies. It is reported that Tao Tao Yang was founded in January 16, 2014, is a cross-border imports of electronic commerce company, headquartered in the national first batch of one of the 5 cross-border e-commerce pilot city of the Ningbo free trade zone.


Tao Tao Yang’s official website screenshot

the company is located in cross-border maternal and child electricity supplier, the integration of domestic and foreign market demand and foreign brands of high-quality product resources. Since the beginning of creation, he Tao Tao Yang put important manpower and resources to optimize the construction of logistics and supply chain. In this process, and gradually build up the core competitiveness with the cross-border integration of private warehousing Tao Tao Yang bonded logistics platform, and gradually establish a stable precipitation supply chain platform has the characteristics of the Tao Tao yang.

at present, Tao Tao Yang has accumulated Internet brand marketing, the electricity supplier of the whole channel construction, store operations, warehousing and logistics experience, and Hunan satellite TV purchase, Jingdong, Tmall, vip.com and other commercial enterprises in-depth cooperation, cross-border trade in 2015 exceeded billion yuan, 240 million yuan in 2016 to achieve cross-border trade.

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