Analysis of the recent international price increases

recently from the China channel business China and other registered agents spread out the price information, which is followed by 07 years in October after the price increases again, is said to be raised again ICANN $0.5. China channel in advance of the price for the agent blowing. A renewal of 200 years * domain can offer 4 yuan / year. A renewal of 300 years * a domain name can be preferential 5 yuan / month in each domain. At the same time also prompted the international domain name in October will rise. In fact, to some extent, as a promotional behavior.

with the end of the Olympic Games, a new round of IDC sales boom, various agents and agents in the formulation of the company’s autumn promotional policies. So this price information is true or false, we are willing to spread. Only the communication, in order to attract customers quickly registration renewals. Beijing recently concern the new cross platform upgrade network agent, also indicates that the agency is preparing to make a preparation in autumn. All ready to shock the market, enterprises in the new network to prepare a joint also impact the market, Chinese channel has also been listed as hard as. This time the most need of funds and the rapid accumulation of customers. So it is necessary to blow the agents.

no matter how ICANN prices rise, there will be the following problems.

1 if the real price is $0.5 in accordance with the current U.S. dollar exchange rate of RMB 6.8 is increased by RMB 3.4. Not many.

any of the 2 registered business, not just blowing, wiper, and only with the agent, hair, because the United Front is to urge the customer to renew.

3 any one of the Registrar, not the first price, the price will directly give up the agent. So many registrars, who’s slow, who benefit, many agents are also concerned about the price of a few, the agent platform can always switch to the most suitable for their own price of the Registrar API interface.

4 combined with the return of the Registrar of the domain name and the profit of the domain name, the 3.4 yuan can basically be ignored. It is not possible for the Registrar to give up the price of large agents, and part of the small and medium agent, domain name a month less than 100 years, accounting for a small part of the sales, the impact is very small. And the dollar continues to depreciate. Price of $0.5, the dollar fell more than 0.5 a year in the price of

5 in accordance with past practice, the price to stimulate sales edged up, while blowing, aiming at the core users, for sale to the general agent on the overall price minus the price to stimulate sales, then blowing


6 is now the price system itself is still very imperfect, especially in the CC info La and other domain names, the difference between the price of a large number of registered companies expect to adjust the adjustment.

7 domain name

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