Fashion electricity supplier nsider Gambling pressure had to sell fake

, former CEO Chen Ou because American law firm filed a class action lawsuit against issued a long suspected of selling fake micro-blog confessions, let fashion online shopping "fake" topic turmoil. In the face of this criticism of the industry, people can not help but ask, why the endless stream of fakes with investors’ money is also being invested, tired". Beijing Daily reporter to tell you that is hidden behind the fashion industry insider selling electricity supplier.

first to live together to fight the price together with fake

from 2008 onwards, a large number of fashion electricity supplier sprung up like mushrooms. Touted by the investment industry has become a hot spot for everyone to share. So hot money continues to pour in, however, Jiapin network, NetEase is still goods, enjoy the network have been on the line after the 1-3 years that is closed, the product poly network is operating in a few months after the rush ended in failure.

"ruthless" competition in the industry, the first live become the primary goal of fashion business enterprise, fight at outrance "the price war" has become the main theme of the competition. Log on the major domestic fashion shopping platform is not difficult to find, "time to buy", "the lowest network", "full × × send × ×" the slogan is full of screen.

Beijing Daily reporter login a well-known cosmetics shopping website, December 20th, Estee Lauder skin care products are sales to 4 fold, with two days of panic buying; market price of 234 yuan Australian skincare brand Glamourflage lip balm, hand cream, body lotion is combined with 99 yuan of sales, with two days of panic buying. Yesterday, the reporter once again log on to the site, promotional activities continue. According to industry sources, such promotions staged in the year more well-known cosmetics electricity provider, the so-called "flash sale is just a gimmick, it is the price has been sold".

and break the bottom line, has been unable to guarantee the quality of the price. It is the fashion business platform selling scandal has been exposed. According to the China Industrial and commercial administration of the double 11 electricity supplier during the promotion of commodity sampling results, sampling in the 207 batches of samples, has confirmed that the sample of 8 batches of counterfeit goods, accounting for the sample of the problem of 36.4%. The Tmall 3, shop No. 1, 2,,, Amazon, 1. Involving brands including Adidas, Bo Bo, Estee Lauder, etc..

are the money to blame for gambling pressure had to sell fake

Fifth Avenue luxury network CEO Sun Yafei to Beijing Business Daily reporter revealed that in the fashion electricity supplier industry, a lot of electricity supplier companies in order to get the funds of investors and successfully signed the agreement on gambling". Most of the investor’s funds will be divided into several rounds of voting for the target enterprise, the so-called "gamble", refers to the investor and the enterprise agreement, only when the target enterprise performance reaches a certain standard line, will invest money later. Otherwise, the enterprise is facing the risk of being unable to obtain follow-up investment or disinvestment.

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