Asian domain name was registered in China in October 9th

        September 29th; "the registration bureau and the operating mechanism of DotAsia.Asia domain and 35 Xiamen Internet Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the" 35 Internet ") seminar held recently in Xiamen, the majority of small and medium enterprises to promote the special domain name in Asia –".Asia".

      "35 Internet" general manager Gong Shaohui said that the unit Chinese enterprises can begin registered ".Asia" domain name from October 9th, with Asia expansion plans in Asia or branch of the organization as soon as possible can be registered ".Asia" domain name as their extension of Asian Internet e-commerce pass.

      according to the introduction of the Asia domain name as an existing symbol of the country’s domain name suffixes (such as marking China’s ".Cn" and the symbol of the United States ".Us") supplementary means. Previously, the internet name and number distribution agency has been approved in the EU countries to use the unified.Eu network domain name. (commissioning editor admin01)