Just set up a year honey bud baby, why dare to set off a price war


reported in March 10th (the hunting cloud network / Qing Nan


C announced a $60 million round of financing at the end of last year, the domestic import business platform of maternal honey bud baby announced to peer opened the first round of price war, will hold the first imported diapers festival in March 16th to 18, and said it would launch "500 million stock +1 billion yuan of subsidies" preferential activities, such as the huge scale of cross-border electricity supplier field.

for the monthly turnover of billions of dollars of honey bud, 500 million stock equivalent to 5 months after the transaction amount. The website from March 2014 on-line now, honey bud baby just over one year old, the latest official data display platform has 1 million 600 thousand members, including 13 sub categories, there are about 30 thousand SKU, monthly turnover of billions of dollars, 80% of orders from the mobile terminal, 85% of the sales revenue from the self.

is still in what emboldened let this early entrepreneurial company to the whole industry challenge? In addition to abundant funds, Liu Nan company CEO revealed the strategy change behind the price war.

Why does

have to fight a price war?

to diapers as an example, the majority of maternal electricity supplier in the field of average gross margin of only 3%, and with the increase of vertical maternal electricity supplier and comprehensive platform into the melee, inevitable competition, in this case, must seek a breakthrough in new ways.

Liu Nan believes that the price war is still the most competitive electricity to carry out the beneficial effect, because the price war can not only highlight the strength but also can eliminate the weak, is equivalent to a price war to see who is swimming naked almighty. In addition, she also believes that this is not only lower than those who are lower prices, stocking capacity and purchasing power and other upstream supply chain is more critical.

therefore, her diaper business team in 2015 requirements could not earn a penny, the core is to lower prices to enhance the overall market share.

Why did



is very simple, in the past year, honey bud baby after three rounds of financing, which, before the line was Zhenge fund and Xianfeng Huaxing million yuan investment in June 2014; $20 million B round, C round of $60 million in December in childhood. Financing continues to rise, adequate ammunition.

not only that, but at the moment it is necessary to give the advantage of the supply chain system. On the market and most overseas buyers were scattered, honey bud is the whole chain through a proprietary model.

diapers for example, the company is from Japanese traders in overseas direct purchase, and set the import and export trading company control which ensure genuine and reduce middleman among layers increases, so we can take the goods to the lowest price. Instead of opening the massive price war is in the middle level to the traditional complex distribution model of war, the competition in the stocking capacity at the same time, the use of their own supply chain advantage caused by damaged or unable to take the interests of the other party.