China Railway Logistics’s electricity supplier operating company to complete the A round of financin

news March 24th, billion state power network that China Railway Logistics Group’s railway service providers electricity supplier Internet was the day before the completion of 35 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is zhe Fu investment and an unnamed Japanese well-known investor.


It is reported that China Railway

, interconnected main electricity supplier generation operation and cross-border business services, this round of financing will be mainly used for the O2O project, cross-border love Hugo cross-border export business and investment IT.

billion state power network learned that iron Internet began to test the waters of cross-border electricity supplier since 2014, built the bonded warehouse in Ningbo and put into operation; in 2015, in the transition from Taobao Internet generation operators to cross-border electricity providers, the core business is divided into cross-border imports, exports and cross-border projects our customers.

the cross-border import business completed the construction of supply logistics platform, has become the largest supplier of Japanese Jingdong; cross-border exports set up overseas positions, sales service provided in both Ebay and Amazon platform; in December 2015, O2O cross-border electricity supplier project "our guest" on the line, from South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States sales of personal care health care products, baby products, etc., through the store to join and micro communities join mode distribution.

data show that China Railway is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Railway Logistics Group, is an important part of the group through the online and offline chain system. Currently, in the United States, Seoul, Korea, Losangeles, Japan, Osaka, Hongkong have set up branches.