This is why Jingdong SM Lenovo love to show affection

Jingdong and Lenovo recently staged a Qiongyao drama.

is the first in June 1st this year, Tmall and combined with key brands a "King", Lenovo Yang Yuanqing attended the press conference this strategy for ASO platform, but had missed the Jingdong "618 big promotion ceremony.

second days, like being stimulated by this matter, Jingdong will be offline all the Lenovo Mobile phone.

recently, Lenovo heavyweight new ZUKZ2 phone release, select the first electronic business platform for Ali and Suning, but no Jingdong. Tmall online super large flow and Suning line under the dual channel is certainly a key factor in Lenovo’s value, but speculation, Lenovo move, a little bit of Jingdong offline lenovo mobile phone response.

but in the last two days, the story has reversed. July 26th, Jingdong and Lenovo announced the signing of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the next three years and strive to achieve sales target of RMB 60 billion yuan in Jingdong.

dating advice, not rice cooked rice

The signing of

, the Jingdong open media channels, made all kinds of press releases, open pattern show affection. The lost treasure, mood is understandable, but not too high to see the joint.

because it’s not the first time.

far from the end of November last year, Liu Qiangdong in Yunnan and Yuxi well-known entrepreneur, Chu orange founder Zhu Shijian met. Subsequently, there is news of the Jingdong, said "with Zhu Lao and Liu Qiangdong meeting, November 20th," Chu orange "is on sale in the Jingdong stock, and also said" orange Jingdong "will be listed.

however, just outside the imagination of Chu orange log Jingdong, the story has evolved into a field of a sudden turn for the worse, "fake" storm. The Zhu Shijian family’s Xinping Jintai Fruit Co., said in a statement, "the Jingdong and the investment and Kim fruit orchard every day have not yet reached a cooperation."

last month, a strategic framework agreement signed by the Jingdong and Shanghai Jahwa, even reached shanghai.

July 6th, Jingdong and Shanghai Jahwa signed an agreement, both sides will work together to create the Jingdong brand ecosystem construction and consumer connection innovative marketing mode, industry analysis and insight into the industry report, product development and technology innovation and supply chain optimization.

in this regard, the Shanghai stock exchange sent a letter of Shanghai Jahwa, requiring supplemental disclosure and Jingdong have developed this specific cooperation plan, intends to promote cooperation and cooperation which resources schedule.

According to

reports, Shanghai Jahwa responded that the only signed a strategic framework agreement, the implementation of specific content and progress are still uncertainties, companies and Jingdong target subject to specific business contract business, the implementation of the contract, both staff’s cooperation, cooperation can be achieved finally there are still uncertainties.