Pay attention to! The glory of double eleven package discovered a mysterious object

2015 double 11 global Carnival wonderful ending, "buy buy buy" voice "just silence, bask in the sun moves a get out of hand. In netizens enjoy sun carnival, a glory of pollen sun caused a lot of friends in the crowd:


The glory of

mobile phone buyers awesome in the feeling of logistics at the same time, drying out a card with a unique symbol and mysterious black text cards! To enlarge, mysterious character like some slogans, behind the two-dimensional code printed on the card. Sun pollen shouted: This is what ghost! Enthusiastic netizens in addition to the new machine Po. Hi, the mysterious cards a guess. Many netizens pointed out that "at the end of last glory issued 1 billion year-end bonus, this is not difficult to purchase buyers discount card?", most estimates conjecture in this direction is taurus. Have a hole slightly larger brain’s friends say "maybe this is a feature of glory will release new products, such as super recognition system? Even Mars are not spared?" meticulous observation of the netizens think "middle card logo like GO, Lenovo to the glory of the brand proposition is a preview for new activities?"

buyers show glory honor mysterious card

mysterious Rune not only hidden double eleven package, together with 5X glory play boarded the "Guangzhou daily", not only let heroses little excited about: perhaps the runes will whisper to the next glory explosion of mobile phone



with important information glory official heroses, gradually to guess the mystery. The original text on the black card is decrypted as: Go! Honor planet. This is one of the glory of the 2015 anniversary and paved the way for the annual meeting of the pollen out! Mysterious text and reply to the official pollen will have a chance to get tickets for the 2015 anniversary of glory. And this mysterious directive or will lead the pollen to explore the 2015 anniversary more secrets.

even more surprising is that the glory played the most glory, you pick the banner, the anniversary of the command to the hands of pollen. Annual meeting style, venue, invited guests these important decisions are based on the wishes of pollen custom. In the venue, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou are on the list. It seems that pollen around the country wants to hold an annual meeting at their doorstep. Pollen is more hope that their own male god, goddess can become a symbol of the anniversary of the play yan. Glory phone star partner Chen Kun, Mars brother Hua Chenyu highest voice. And the national husband Wang Sicong also in the list of candidates. The new male god CP Wang Kai and Hu Ge, of course, will not be less. Indoorsman essential SNH48 has become the object of the pollen are waiting for. A conscience pollen quipped: "what kind of style as birthday lying where most want to hold? Glory siege division so material, which worry me."

surprises after the glory for the anniversary buried a foreshadowing of what? "