Domain names have to adjust the price of.Cn domain names 100 times

DoNews December 26th news reporters, over 1 yuan of registered.Cn domain name policy CNNIC, million net, net new domain name registrars have increased, the average.Cn domain name registration fee is 100 times the original.

December 25th China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that 08 years from the end of December 31st, the beginning of the implementation of the in March, CN domain name registration experience of $1,.Cn domain name will be determined according to the market.

December 25th, 10 thousand nets, net new domain name registrar in an interview on CNNIC’s move was welcomed, they will be based on market pricing. The reporter learned that, at present, the new network network domain name registrar has registered the domain name CN price adjustment to 100 yuan.

Chinese civilink products vice president Song Yingqiao that the.CN domain name exists on the network, hardware, development and other aspects of the service cost, so the price should be based on the domain name.CN. He believes that with reference to the price of the international domain name, CN domain name price should be around 100 yuan. The new network also said it would raise prices according to market conditions. They said that although the price increase will make the registration decline, but it will also make more domain names really use.

But some companies such as

, "said Chinese will wait for some time. "Company insiders, after December 31, 2008, they will continue the implementation of a policy of yuan a month, a month later, the company will be based on the specific conditions to develop the new price policy.

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