Short domain name worth millions of Google in pay a lot of money

with Google (Google) in China opened the world’s shortest domain name, plus after the appearance of "", "" and "" short domain name, Internet companies in China is set off a short chase hot about domain name. However, these Internet Co for the pursuit of a short domain name also paid the price of tens of thousands of dollars.


short domain name worth millions of

Buy from to

in the millions of dollars, to buy 265 curve, Google is in the domain of localization on the road at every step. Before there have been a number of media broke the news that Google’s acquisition of 265 companies packaged price of $20 million, while is one of the core content of the acquisition. There are nearly 265 companies confirmed that Google paid a lot of money on the, but the value for money.

coincidentally, shortly before the video sharing site six rooms cost millions of dollars to buy "" to replace the original domain name. In addition, some short domain name on the Internet application is very active, such as "" is applied to the mobile phone online games portal and online music, Chinese television networks enable "", "" by the State Administration of Radio Film and television application.

however, the reporter queried, but also because the price is too high, most of the individual English short domain name or number although have been registered, but still wait for the right price to sell.


CN domain more popular localization

why the Internet will be popular short domain name it is not difficult to explain, on the one hand, due to the short domain name, easy to remember, greatly facilitates the user’s input and browse. The domain experts told reporters that the domain name is shorter, the better, naturally become the Internet economy "xiangbobo", and even become a valuable asset.

on the other hand, compared to the COM domain name resources are almost exhausted, CN domain name has a rich short domain name resources ignited the enthusiasm of the industry. Currently.Com domain name registration amount of about 60000000, the domain name resources almost exhausted, Internet users want to register a short COM domain name is not easy. With respect to the current 7 million registered CN domain name, the domain name can be registered and the use of a short domain name is also very large.

can also be seen, this is the name of the domain behind the downsizing movement is to strengthen the localization of multinational Internet companies in china. In Google, Amazon Chinese for and other multinational companies for the CN domain name of the incidents are increasing, after all the CN domain name because there are many unique advantages in localization, user experience and resources, take a good name easy to remember them for the market become the key step in china.

domain valuation is not all look at the length of

domain name is the shorter the better? The answer is not necessarily. In general, the domain name should be good

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