Helpless, encounter liar Alliance

on the network has been full of interest, from this year after the new year has begun to do the idea, so he began to learn from zero. Do not start webmaster friends, no one to teach, really feel very difficult. However, it does not matter, anyway, you have time to explore the.
  & nbsp;    ;     Web sites have the flow thinking of hanging union code, see if you can earn a little money. Maybe they really unfortunately, chose the popcorn alliance.  had also seen behind about popcorn alliance is a very serious deduction amount such posts, anyway, a reputation is not very good the union, but I still chose the doings of ghosts and gods popcorn alliance, may also be because of watching too much, this online alliance is not good, the alliance does not work, do not know which one is good. Of course, the main or because He was too ignorant, too little to understand. 
            do stand hard, but I’m addicted, popcorn is 100 yuan to pay the union station, as its traffic is not high, what time to reach the terms of payment. Since I have not thought landing, alliances are not what problem, until to achieve the conditions of payment, that has happened, I logged on as usual when I unexpectedly found not landing, after operation N times I finally gave up. On the QQ, did not pay any attention. At this moment, I finally come to understand.
            really feel very helpless. I worked hard to do so for a long time, even just say no, but no door, want you can not find the son of a bitch. The alliance really depressed. 
& Nbsp; the so-called experience teaches, hope oneself can have better luck. Also hope every webmaster have good luck.

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