Phone 6S straight cut 4599 spike Jingdong United States online double tonight full firepower of 0 p

double 11 in sight, Gome online in November 10 to 12, the "real war double 11" drama tonight 0 hot start, "Sherlock to worry" open civilian low value ceremony, 2 billion coupons hot berserk, millions of red envelopes ready to battle. 1 fold more appliances and 20 thousand seconds to grab free single crazy shopping stop, the tip of goods appointment straight down 300 yuan, filling the home appliance home court style, popular tide machine iPhone6s anticipated as low as 4599 yuan seckill Jingdong. Gome online tonight 0 points online and offline interaction, offers unprecedented challenge, and friends of the business directly, for three days and nights of non-stop crazy surprise



iPhone 6S straight down 4599 big name and then return to cash coupon

in November 10th 0, the United States online "real war 11.11" multiple surprise wonderful show, the 15 category price carnival, everyone electricity ticket orders, 2 billion coupons on the price dynamics, 100-800 yuan; and every 4 seconds to grab the speed field 3 days, 12, good goods more than 50 percent off, the best low grab. Double 11! The explosion set really cheap, cheap at least 500 yuan, against iPhone 6S! Straight down to 4599 yuan, 4666 yuan 58 inch seckill Jingdong; Konka eight core LED58S1 smart TV 2999 yuan, 1300 yuan lower than the Jingdong; 206 liter MeiLing BCD-206L3CT three door refrigerator surprise price 1111 yuan, price cheap 288 Jingdong yuan.


free single highest 5000 yuan in summer Luomou welfare

from November 10th to 12, home appliance retail giant Gome online "Sherlock to worry" upgrade second round draw, grab a free single free single shock wave, 20 thousand free single daily 0 points and 22 points to grab the opening 11 days of pumping, up to 11111 places, every single highest free 5000. In addition, APP end exclusive ceremony at least 4000 to 100, total net cash pumping heavy strikes, the United States online APP users to download and register, can with mobile phone number in the non threshold pumping cash, the total value of up to 5 million cash envelopes for you, awesome discount with



"true warrior" net purchase pain point "three true two security" plastic industry benchmark

the annual double 11 big promotion, the electricity supplier who earn pours at the same time, consumers really care about the price fraud, price is not available, such as online shopping logistics delayed pain points are dense dilute spread businesses gimmick. This year, the "true warrior" Gome online industry thirty years logistics supply chain advantage watch consumers online shopping interests based on "true quality, really cheap, really fast" as the core of the policy implementation of three true sale to production, ODM, OEM and big data based on the depth of cooperation between manufacturers, to ensure high quality and low price. Implementation in Logistics

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